Why Training Is Extremely Important

Why Training Is Extremely Important

Technology is changing at such an incredibly fast rate in today’s world that we sometimes forget that there are people out there whose knowledge of these changes hasn’t kept pace. Our customers represent many types of businesses, some of which employ volunteers to assist with their operations. These good-hearted people want to help with whatever is needed, but sometimes lack the training for the job for which they have been assigned.

One of these people called in for help recently, and to our tech’s astonishment, didn’t know what a “mouse” was! This is an extreme example, of course, of the point I’m addressing. It does point out, however, that POS training is very important for a business to provide for its employees.

At CCS, we offer training classes from an expert instructor who will help you get the best benefit from your Counterpoint POS System. This can be done in our classroom, on-site at your business, or even remotely. We can accommodate several people or just one – whatever you need. You can choose just an Overview, or pick from many different topics available. Manuals are provided to allow you to have “look-up” material for later reference. Hands-on practice is a part of classroom instruction.

You might want to take a class individually, and then go back to your business and use that information to relay just what is needed for a specific worker.

Training will certainly eliminate the time, stress, and expense involved in fixing problems that are created when employees are not knowledgeable about how to use their system.

Need some training for your company? Call us now at 425-672-4806 or email us for more information. You’ll be glad you did!


Minor Changes That Make a Difference


Minor Changes That Make a Difference

So you’ve had your new system for a while, and everything seems to be going along pretty well. You have noticed, however, that there are a few minor changes that you would like to make, but are unsure about how to go about making those changes.

Perhaps you would like your receipts to contain more information about your return policy or your product descriptions to be expanded. Maybe your labels are printing incorrectly, or your employees have not mastered how to change passwords.

Do you need a report, but don’t know how to go about setting it up? Do you have a new user and need help adding this person into your system? Maybe you need to purge files to speed up your system.

Don’t put off fixing those little ongoing issues that can make your business run more smoothly when properly addressed. We can help you with all of these things and much more! Call us today at 425-672-4806 or email us at support.


Calling for Support

Calling for Support

Having something go wrong with your system or software is often a stressful problem that costs you time, money, and physical distress. When you need our help, our aim is to give you fast, accurate, and worry-free assistance. We do, however, need a little help from you when you call in for support.

We know that your “hair is on fire”, but it helps us serve you better if you have, at hand, the information we need to get rolling:

  • Your name, and who to contact if a return call is needed.
  • Your company name.
  • Your telephone number and extension, if it is required. Remember that in today’s world, people call from landlines and cell phones, and from many different extension numbers! You may think our tech has your number already, but it may not be the one you’re using now.
  • The location of the store(s) having the problem (many of our customers have multiple stores).
  • A brief explanation of the issue. From this, we can determine who is available and can best handle the problem that you’re encountering. It helps if you can relate what task you were doing when the problem began.

Remember, when speed is essential in getting your problem addressed, it helps to have the necessary information gathered before you call for support!


How to Help Us Help You!

How to Help Us Help You!

When we receive calls for support help, we want to assist you as quickly as possible. For that reason, we assign numbers to each request as it is received. These numbers appear on work orders (or tickets) that are given to the technician who will provide the service to you.

Many of our customers have multiple sites, and sometimes we get calls for support from several of these sites all at the same time. Because this happens, a technician may be working simultaneously on multiple issues for the same company, but for different sites. Each issue, however, will have a separate assigned number. This number can be given to you by the technician on the initial call.

When it’s necessary for you to return a call to a technician on an open issue, it saves a lot of time and confusion if you mention the open ticket number of the issue. Therefore, you won’t have to explain the entire problem again before the call is put through.

One other reminder—be sure to provide the phone number where you want to be called if it’s necessary for the technician to call you back. Customers call us from their office, from home, and from cell phones. If you think the tech “has your number,” it might not be the one you want to be used today.

We’re here to help you at 425-672-4806 or email us.




Retailers need to have computerized operations and eCommerce capabilities to be successful in today’s highly competitive markets.  With this environment comes the risks of Malware invasions.  The use of Viruses, Scareware, and Ransomware by cybercriminals, hackers, and spammers is on the rise.   A successful Malware invasion can cripple your business very quickly – in a matter of minutes.  In the worst case, you can lose all your files without recourse.  We suggest you secure your systems sooner than later.  A Malware invasion will cost a lot more than invasion protection software and equipment.

To protect your operations against these Malware invasions there are several steps we recommend at CCS Retail Systems.

  1. Create a detailed profile of all your computer systems assets to use in developing a comprehensive security and invasion recovery plan.
  2. Setup a comprehensive firewall with aggressive Malware filtering.
  3. Schedule image backups of all your systems to use in invasion recovery.
  4. Scan all your systems with comprehensive malware detection software on a daily basis.
  5. Have System and IT Support review the CVE (https://cve.mitre.org/) cybersecurity vulnerability database lists regularly for developing threats. 
  6. Analyze system and application logs for suspicious activity.
  7. Restrict access by location, user, and level.
  8. Age Passwords regularly to prevent intrusions.
  9. Distribute prevention, invasion detection, and invasion recovery management policies and procedures to all managers and employees.
  10. Coordinate with CCS Retail Systems to make sure your plans are complete.
  11. Contact CCS Retail Systems IMMEDIATELY if an invasion is suspected.
  12. Regular Status Meetings to ensure compliance and make adjustments.
  13. Ensure your company has Corporate Identity Monitoring and Protection.

CCS has Malware Invasion Recovery Technicians to help you develop your prevention, invasion detection, and invasion recovery plans.   CCS technicians can recommend appropriate software, hardware, and best practices for management and users.

Contact CCS Support for comprehensive assistance.


Training – a Time and Money – Saving Investment

Training – a Time and Money-Saving Investment

At CCS, we often get calls from customers who proclaim, “Our system isn’t working right!” When we probe for details, it turns out that a cable was unplugged, an employee failed to log out properly, the default printer wasn’t set for the right printer, something was posted on the wrong date (or for the wrong year), or an incorrect password was being used.

A recent issue involved a person manually imputing data (for days) that could have been accomplished quickly with the push of a button! Imagine the time spent and the money wasted from a situation like this one.

It’s not the system that’s at fault—it’s improper use of the system that’s often causing the problems. Many of these issues could have been prevented if the employees involved had the right training to use the software and hardware correctly. That’s where we come into the picture.

We offer training in our computer-equipped classroom, on-site at your place of business, or remotely. Hands-on instruction is provided by a qualified technician with years of experience. Manuals are supplied for use in the classroom, and for further reference on the job.

Employers may choose a complete system overview, or just specific topics for their employees’ training. Questions brought up during the classes often get answers to problems that others have had, also.

If you’re interested in saving time and money by getting the proper training for your employees (or yourself!), give us a call today at 425-672-4806 or email us. The holiday season is about to begin, so don’t delay!



Be Proactive On System Problems


Be Proactive On System Problems

Are you experiencing an issue with your software? If so, don’t let it fester and create frustration for you or your team.

CCS Retail Systems is here to help, if you do not report your problems, they cannot get fixed.

I recently was speaking to a customer about a slow system, as we were going over some of the basic troubleshooting questions, the customer brought up another issue and was explaining how they were resolving it over the last few days.

If CCS was informed of the issue sooner, it would have been resolved in a matter of minutes. Now I understand, everyone is busy, sometimes calling right away is impossible or impractical, but reporting an issue in a timely matter will make those impossible times far less likely because the issue will be resolved, which will free your time up for more important matters.

When reporting issues, the more detail you can give, the better. Some of the basic information we can use is

  • Date and time the issue occurred – This information helps with looking at all the information log files keep and help narrow down issue to a few lines instead of hundreds (or thousands)
  • Were there any error or other messages presented to you – Try and get the exact and entire message, using your phones camera or taking a screenshot can be used. This also helps with log files in the same way as the date and time as well as where to look in the software.
  • What Screen were you in – Examples would be Ticket Screen or Purchase Request
  • What user and workstation received the message. – An example would be John was using the backoffice PC
  • Any information that may be helpful – For example there may have been network issue, we had a power outage, Internet was down.
  • Do you notice any pattern – An example would be, every time I click on the “Go” button an error comes up.

So, If you cannot call right away, the best thing to do is to jot down the information so when you can call you are ready for the any questions we may ask.

A good example of the above may look like this.

On 9/18/17 at 3:30PM John was receiving a “Not On File” error on the backoffice workstation every time he clicked on the Save button in the Inventory/Items screen. We were having power issues earlier in the day and the Internet went down twice.

With the above information, CCS has a good starting point at where to look to resolve the issue quickly.

You can call CCS directly at 800.672.4806 or email us.


About Support Requests

About Support Requests

At CCS, we provide support to customers who have a single site with few employees, or multiple sites with many employees. Different issues can occur at any one of these sites, and sometimes at the same time. Keeping track of these issues involves assigning support ticket numbers to avoid duplication of services and duplication of billing.

It helps us to provide better (and faster) service if you supply the following information when you first request support help:

Your name

The name of your company

The specific location where the issue is happening

Your telephone number (office, cell, or any other number where you can be reached if a call back is needed)

A brief description of the problem, such as:

· Labels are not printing right

· Problem with overnight processing

· Credit card settlement problem

· PC fan is making noises

· Error message “not able to access top level directory”

· Drawer won’t open

· Question on reports

These details, when provided at the time of your call, will be placed on a numbered support ticket, and assigned to the available tech who is most suited to resolve the issue in a timely manner. A more detailed explanation of the issue can be given to the tech once you are connected.

Following the above procedure will resolve support issues faster, and will help reduce your stress and your down time.

Have a problem or a question? We can be reached at 425-672-4806, or you can email us.


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