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Since 1982, CCS  Retail Systems, Inc. has provided support for all types of organizations and complexities of systems.  We stress the complete and timely nature of our services.  We can help with System Selections, Sales, Installation, Training, and Ongoing Support for Hardware, Application Software, Operating Software, and most configurations of networks.  We also offer Internet Products and Support.  We can help you from the desktop through your Internet connections.
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Everything Party Expansion

Everything Party Expands Operations

CCS long time customer Everything Party is proud to announce their new Renton location.   You may know them as Confetti Junction from their original Redmond location: 17181 Redmond Way, Ste 300, Redmond, WA 98052 425-861-0567.

Congratulations, and continued success Mark and Linda, from your friends at CCS Retail Systems, Inc.

See the Seattle Times announcement article for more details.




CCS Products Summary

CCS Product and Services Summary (Out of Date)

Rev: 02/20/11 Summary of CCS Products and Services
Product Name CCS Sells CCS Installs CCS Supports Training at CCS Custom by CCS Integrates with CP (1) Interfaces with CP Linux/UNIX Version Windows Version CCS H/W Service (2)
Accounting Interfaces Y Y Y Y Y Y
Administrative Software Y Y Y Y Y Y
AVG Anti-Malware Y Y Y Y Y
Backup Software Y Y Y Y Y Y
CP SQL Enterprise Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CP SQL Express Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CPGateway Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CPOnline Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CPWireless Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Crystal Report Writer Y Y Y Y Y Y
CSE CP Payroll Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Custom Programming Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Customer Connect Y Y Y Y Y
Fax Solutions Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CCS Support Y Y Y Y
HP/Compaq Systems Y Y Y Y Y Y
Internet Services Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Linux Products Y Y Y Y Y
Microsoft Office Y Y Y Y Y Y
Microsoft Windows Y Y Y Y Y Y
Networking Equipment Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
NiceLabel Products Y Y Y Y Y Y
Novell Products Y Y Y Y
Passport Distribution Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Peripheral Devices Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Passport Manufacturing Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Protection Software Y Y Y Y Y
Radiant Hardware Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Retail Devices Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
RTM Focus Service Mgmt Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
RTM ServicePoint Mgmt Y Y Y Y Y
SmartAlerts Monitoring Y Y Y Y Y Y
Support Y Y Y Y
Training Y Y Y Y
UnForm Document Mgmt Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Website Development Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
(2)24×7 Service is available


Integrates: The add-on software can be configured as a seamless link to the original application software package. The Database files are consolidated and shared directly.

Interfaces: The add-on software is configured as an externally linked system.  The Databases are separate, information is transferred between them automatically during processing steps.  Some additional manual steps may be necessary.

Support Feedback

Feedback from CCS Support Customers

  • “Hi David,  Just wanted to say thanks for all your help on getting our Unix box back up. Without your help, I can’t imagine where we’d be.  Thank You!!!! – Jeff, Snohomish PUD.
  • “We love the new upgrades – the speed and the ease of setting up the hardware and using our software on the new Server and machines. – Greg M, MacPherson Leather Company.
  • “CounterPoint is really reliable and CCS support is outstanding. – Mark O, Pirates Plunder
  • “… the most important aspect of getting started with CP is having a qualified company like CCS to lend support and advise on how to set up your whole system … – All American Canopies.
  • “I just wanted to update you on the upgrade project. Overall it went very well. Please let Bryan know how much we appreciated his efforts. – Tillamook Cheese.
  • “Hi Norma, Thanks for the additional info. I’m sure that John did an excellent job with the demo. You guys are a true VAR, adding real value to the products you sell. I wish more of our dealers were like you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. – Bob – RTM Computer Solutions.
  • “Bryan – Thanks for all your hard work, patience & persistence in fixing my computer.  I really appreciate every thing you have done.  Your awesome.  ‘Let’s keep our fingers crossed’ – Dana and Dr. Gottlieb
  • “Your support is a million times better than….[my previous dealer]. – Kevin C, S & G Entertainment“.
  • “BTW – Bryan did a superb job with our updates.  Fast, Professional, Trouble-free!  He is to be commended for a job well done! – Dave Sneed, IT Manager Dave Phillips Music & Sound“.
  • “Bryan – Thank you. Working my laptop now and its fabulous! – Theresa Utecht, Dir. Client Services Sound Management & Billing Service
  • “Carol wanted to let us know what a great job Bryan did. Their software person in Utah confirmed the good work. – Carol, West Coast Adjusters”
  • “Please send me a bill for Dave’s advice and time researching this issue. He was very patient and kind dealing with us novices. Thanks again for the excellent service.- Marc S, Cascade Pacific Flooring

  • “Wanted to let you know and commend the outstanding work that Bryan did in helping us to setup the Counterpoint software. He has helped us tremendously and he’s truly an asset to your company!. – Sergiu Rata, Sun Square PRINT”


Passport Enhancements 7-08

Enhancement Summary 7-08

Enhancement Summary

Passport Software, Inc. is pleased to share these exciting new features and enhancements in PBS™ v. 11.7.

Bank Management

These new enhancements will offer the convenience of automated electronic disbursement and banking procedures with a new level of control and security over payments.

ACH provides the speed and convenience of processing AP disbursements electronically. With Positive Pay only the AP and Payroll payments previously approved and submitted to the bank will be disbursed.

Positive Pay for Accounts Payable and Payroll

Passport Business Solutions Version 11.7 will include file generation utilities to create Positive Pay records for transmission to your client’s bank. Positive Pay is a generic term that describes a bank service that is one of the most effective anti-fraud tools available today for check disbursements. Using check issuance data provided by PBS™, the bank matches all checks being presented for payment against the issuance information.

The issuance information is created whenever a check is generated from PBS™. The utility allows the user to create a file format specific for their bank as there is no universal format for positive pay records.

General Ledger

Users will be able to recreate financials from previous years with access to multiple years of General Journal transactions.

Job Cost

New percentage of completion report


Advanced vacation pay and bonuses will be added to Direct Deposit. The employee number field expanded to six digits. Department-related reports and print runs will be processed more efficiently.

Point of Sale

Users will be able to process Point of Sale credit card transactions with Xcharge.

Contract Pricing will be expanded to five levels to utilize the five-level pricing structures available in Inventory Control Timed Sales – Sales that start and end at specific times will be able to be processed.

Void processing.

A void will be performed as a transaction, creating an audit trail, the inventory will be returned to stock, and the invoice header will be marked as “Void”. Voids will show up as part of the daily register reports.

Hold Transactions

Users will be able to put a transaction on hold, process another transaction, and then return to complete the original.

Expanded information on PDF Documents

Expanded information on PDF Document look-up and email capability for any PBS-created PDF documents: PDF docs include PBS™ invoices, statements, purchase orders, acknowledgements, pick tickets, various Point of Sale and Manufacturing documents.

  • Ability to select a document for viewing, stacking, and emailing. View documents by package, by customer, or by vendor.
  • Documents are stacked and viewed/emailed by package, customer/vendor, or date.
  • Documents are emailed individually or by group selection.
  • A log file is created with information on both printed and emailed documents including reason for sending failure (if any).
  • Customer/vendor contact files serve as email address book(s).
  • Document recipients are stored in the address book, or an email address may be entered on the fly.
  • Multiple CC’s (carbon copy) are permitted.
  • Ability to CC self as confirmation.
  • Ability to modify the body text of the email on the fly.
  • Documents with no associated address book entry are flagged.
  • Documents emailed are flagged with date stamp of email.
  • Failed email attempts are flagged and logged with the reason for failure.
  • Stacked documents are flagged with date of stacking. PBS™ end-user log-in record maintains the sender email address.
  • Company control file information stores the mail server name. Works with locally installed email clients currently, not web-based email services, i.e., Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail. 


HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes 

HTTP Status Code Descriptions – Click a Code in the List for Details. The Details were extracted from RFC’s (Request For Comments) and related documents.  To see the original RFC use your search engine. These are often on the and sites.  See Wikipedia for Reference.


Note: The two most common status codes on our site are:

403 this normally means you have requested a page that requires registration for access. Register with us on the FrontPage and try again.
404 the page is missing or unavailable right now. We may be updating it temporarily. Try again first. If the problem persists, send us an email reporting it.

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CCS Privacy Policy

CCS Retail Systems  Privacy Policy

This document describes our policies for collecting user information from this website and the use and disclosure of this information. This statement applies to our site and any information obtained by us from places other than our website. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact
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Understanding Script Errors

Scripting Errors Encountered

What Are Scripting Errors

A scripting error does not mean that a page is non-functional.  It can simply be a difference in the internal working of your brand and version of browser – as you have it configured.  It can be a temporary overload of a server that we exchange services with, like  You are normally safe in continuing.  We trap Scripting Errors and offer an Email and Print function on the data captured.   Please complete and email the error trapped so we can review it.

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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.  I am the Support and Tranining Manager at CCS Retail Systems, Inc. in Seattle, Washington.  You can reach me at  (or in case of a support emergency  All calls can be directed to me at 800-672-4806.  I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you.  I hope you will provide me with some feedback on this blog so we can exchange ideas and learn from each other. 

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