Our Integrated Approach Reduces Costs

Our Integrated Products and Services approach helps us provide you with the Lowest Operating Costs and the Simplest Systems Support Possible. We eliminate all the redundancy and unnecessary subcontractor expenses possible.  We have included testimonials and dozens of customer profiles so you can see how our products and services are used.

Over 37 Years of Retail Experience

We are a Computer Systems Integrator and Software Services firm that Specializes in Retail Systems. We have over 80 years of aggregate, practical experience in Computer Technology and Business Systems. We work equally well with new or experienced Computer users.

Complete Support

CCS Retail is a unique resource in several important ways. Our personnel has the ideal combination of experience in Operations, Consulting, Programming, Training, and Technical Support. We can ensure our customers complete and expedient treatment of all Planning, Development, Operations, and Support issues.


Training is a fundamental part of any successful system implementation. We offer classroom, onsite, and webinar training on the software products we sell.  Contact our sales department for help in planning your training activities.

Migration Experts

We have developed a very complete skill set for system migrations from many types and ages of systems to NCR Counterpoint.   Our projects have included systems with custom and/or undocumented applications:  Windows systems, Linux systems, UNIX Systems, obsolete database driven systems, completely custom systems, Counterpoint V7 with undocumented enhancements, and many others.   If you have a system that is not performing for you, contact us to help you migrate to Counterpoint.  Do not be held hostage by the obsolescence of aging or unsupported systems.  


CCS Retail has provided custom programming since its inception in 1982. We have developed dozens of enhancements for our customers.  We work with the software and tools needed to make your system a best-case fit for your company.   Many of our enhancements have had a significant impact on our customer’s operations and revenue streams.  Contact us with your ideas and thoughts on how you wish to improve your systems. 

Customer Commitment

We have developed a base of hundreds of customers over the past 37 plus years. Our customers include Retailers, Distributors, Service Providers, and many other organizations. These companies have been with us for several years. We have helped them with their growth by providing the appropriate Computer Systems at each step.

We look forward to helping your company with the application of Computer Systems Technology to your business.

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