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Since 1982, CCS  Retail Systems, Inc. has provided support for all types of organizations and complexities of systems.  We stress the complete and timely nature of our services.  We can help with System Selections, Sales, Installation, Training, and Ongoing Support for Hardware, Application Software, Operating Software, and most configurations of networks.  We also offer Internet Products and Support.  We can help you from the desktop through your Internet connections.

Working With CCS

To manage the flow of support services and your costs, CCS recommends that you assign a primary and secondary contact at your company to report and manage incidents.  These names should be given to CCS.  This allows you to eliminate unnecessary duplication of services, unapproved services, and long service calls to persons who are not as familiar with the systems as the designated representatives.  CCS can then screen calls from anyone other than these two persons, to help enforce the policy.

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