About Support Requests

About Support Requests

At CCS, we provide support to customers who have a single site with few employees, or multiple sites with many employees. Different issues can occur at any one of these sites, and sometimes at the same time. Keeping track of these issues involves assigning support ticket numbers to avoid duplication of services and duplication of billing.

It helps us to provide better (and faster) service if you supply the following information when you first request support help:

Your name

The name of your company

The specific location where the issue is happening

Your telephone number (office, cell, or any other number where you can be reached if a call back is needed)

A brief description of the problem, such as:

· Labels are not printing right

· Problem with overnight processing

· Credit card settlement problem

· PC fan is making noises

· Error message “not able to access top level directory”

· Drawer won’t open

· Question on reports

These details, when provided at the time of your call, will be placed on a numbered support ticket, and assigned to the available tech who is most suited to resolve the issue in a timely manner. A more detailed explanation of the issue can be given to the tech once you are connected.

Following the above procedure will resolve support issues faster, and will help reduce your stress and your down time.

Have a problem or a question? We can be reached at 425-672-4806, or you can email us.


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