CCS Support

CCS support offerings include a wide scope of services from Basic to 24 by 7 coverage.  Our current categories are:

Standard Support

These services are based on our prepaid CCS Support Pack 10-Hour bundling.  They are available between 8a and 6p Monday through Friday, at standard rates.  After-hours support from 6p to 9p is available by prior arrangement on weekdays.  After-hours rates are automatically applied unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  All products CCS provides are included.

In-shop, remote, and onsite support delivery is available.   An online access medium, such as a modem or Internet link, is recommended for remote support. This allows a CCS support technician to connect directly, and keep call lengths to a minimum.  Remote support is billed in 15-minute increments. 

Onsite support is billed for a minimum of 2 hours per visit, with a one-way trip charge that is based on travel time at support rates.

In-shop support is billed at a minimum of 1 hour.

Special arrangements may be made, in advance, for special cases not covered above.  We would prefer several days’ notice.

Basic Support

This is a limited duration CCS Support Pack.  A Basic Support Pack is 2 hours.  All support delivery methods are available.  No after-hours support is provided, unless special arrangements are made.

The Basic Support Pack is intended for customers with a special one-time support requirement.

Weekend Support

Is offered by prior arrangement, on a single incident basis, or a periodic basis.  Single incidents should be requested no later than Wednesday of the preceding week. CCS weekend support includes pager access to a CCS technician, between 9a and 7p on Saturday and Sunday.   No onsite support is provided unless special arrangements are made.

A non-refundable reservation fee is billed in advance and applied at each reservation interval.  Reservation fees do NOT accrue towards future support. The reservation fee can be applied to hourly rates for weekend service  – only.  A standard support pack must be in effect before weekend coverage can be added.

24×7 Support

This service combines the features of the other offerings above.  We offer a customized contract for each customer.  Call us for details.

Support and Service Billing Categories. (Note:  CCS Support Rates Assume Prepayment Before Use)

Category(1) Billing Unit Notes(2)
Basic – Support 1 Hour 2 Hour Minimum
Standard – Remote 15 Minutes Prepaid Contract(1)
Standard – Onsite 1 Hour 2 Hour Minimum (1), Plus Travel one way
Standard – In-shop 1 Hour 1 Hour Minimum(1)
Weekdays After Hours 1 Hour 1 ½ Times Standard Rate
Weekend – Incident 1 Hour Reservation fee Required
Weekend – Monthly 1 Hour Reservation fee Required
Weekend – Quarterly 1 Hour Reservation fee Required
Weekend – Annual 1 Hour Reservation fee Required

(1) All Categories, except Basic, require a 10-Hour Standard Prepaid Support Contract.
(2) All Categories, except Basic, have a 12-month term to the support entitlement purchased.


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