CCS Classroom and Remote Training Classes


CCS has offered Classroom, On-site, and Remote training for over 30 years.  We have a fully-equipped Classroom at our Lynnwood, Washington facility conveniently located 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle using the freeway system.  See the Home page location map for our location and driving directions.  For out-of-town students, there are several comfortable and affordable hotels near CCS.

Training at CCS is unique.  Our trainers are also experienced support technicians.  Our classes are enhanced by the first-hand knowledge our trainers possess.  Many other classroom instructors have merely an academic knowledge of the products they teach.  Our instructors have real-world experience.  Your questions get real-world feedback.

CCS classes include Authorized Instruction on NCR Retail Software,  Passport Business Software, RTM Service Management Software, and related topics. Class times are from 8:30a to 5:30p Monday thru Friday.  Approximate class durations are 4 hours or 8 hours with an hour lunch break each day.   Class size minimums apply!

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Counterpoint SQL

NCR COUNTERPOINT RETAIL CLASSES (Full Curriculum Components, 2 days)

Section 1. Overview (2 hours)
Shows how to start NCR Counterpoint, and presents various main menus, toolbar buttons, filters, lookups, table views, zooms, and other standard functions available throughout the software.

Section 2. Point of Sale Processing (2 hours)
Covers the cycle of a drawer, entering and posting tickets, orders, and layaways, selling and redeeming gift cards, gift registries, and other point of sale activities.  Includes both “regular” ticket entry and Touchscreen ticket entry.

Section 3. Defining Items and Inventory Processing (4 hours)
How to define an item, including barcodes, inventory quantities, and pricing.

Describes the typical use of transaction processing functions in the software, 
and covers inventory adjustments, performing a physical count,
and transferring merchandise between locations; includes printing item labels.

Section 4. Defining Customers (2 hours)
How to define a customer, including shipping addresses.

Section 5. Purchasing and Receiving (4 hours)
Describes how to define vendors and the items you purchase from each vendor.  Shows how to print the Purchasing Advice Report, enter purchase orders, methods for receiving merchandise and processing Returns to Vendor.

Section 6. Receivables (2 hours)
Shows how to enter and process cash receipts, finance charges, customer adjustments, print statements and perform maintenance to open A/R documents.

Section 7. Reports, Journals, & History (Reports Manual) (2 hours)
Describes intended purpose and options for reports, journals, and history and shows an example of each.


Passport Business Solutions

Passport Business Solutions (Back-office Accounting)

ServicePoint Service Manager
ServicePoint Service Manager


CCS also offers Special 2 to 4-hour Theme-based Classes to help you manage your operations issues such as:

  • New Hires
  • Seasonal Employees
  • Software Update New Features
  • Brush-ups on Existing Software Features
  • Implementing New Features on Existing Software
  • and many more …

Special Theme-Based Classes Include:

Point of Sale – Opening and Closing procedures  – Approximately 2 hours

  1. Logging into NCR Counterpoint
  2. Activating Drawers – The three options that are available
  3. Counting Drawers – The two options that are available.  Reports – X-Tape v.s. a Drawer Reading.
  4. Drawers v.s. Drawers Sessions and Reactivating  a counted but unposted drawer
  5. Using the Reconciliation option.
  6. Manual Posting v.s. automated posting.
  7. Exiting the software

System Security – Approximately 2 hours

  1. Passwords and PCI Compliance
  2. Re-enabling locked out NCR Counterpoint users accounts.
  3. Changing users passwords – Minimum Requirements and options
  4. System Security Groups – options and menus
  5. Point of Sale Security Groups.
  6. User Set-up – Managers v.s. basic POS users.

We can tailor additional classes specifically for your needs in a webinar or classroom setting.   Contact us for more details!

Class size minimums apply!

Contact CCSTo Schedule Training or Call CCS at 800-672-4806.