Retailers need to have computerized operations and eCommerce capabilities to be successful in today’s highly competitive markets.  With this environment comes the risks of Malware invasions.  The use of Viruses, Scareware, and Ransomware by cybercriminals, hackers, and spammers is on the rise.   A successful Malware invasion can cripple your business very quickly – in a matter of minutes.  In the worst case, you can lose all your files without recourse.  We suggest you secure your systems sooner than later.  A Malware invasion will cost a lot more than invasion protection software and equipment.

To protect your operations against these Malware invasions there are several steps we recommend at CCS Retail Systems.

  1. Create a detailed profile of all your computer systems assets to use in developing a comprehensive security and invasion recovery plan.
  2. Setup a comprehensive firewall with aggressive Malware filtering.
  3. Schedule image backups of all your systems to use in invasion recovery.
  4. Scan all your systems with comprehensive malware detection software on a daily basis.
  5. Have System and IT Support review the CVE ( cybersecurity vulnerability database lists regularly for developing threats. 
  6. Analyze system and application logs for suspicious activity.
  7. Restrict access by location, user, and level.
  8. Age Passwords regularly to prevent intrusions.
  9. Distribute prevention, invasion detection, and invasion recovery management policies and procedures to all managers and employees.
  10. Coordinate with CCS Retail Systems to make sure your plans are complete.
  11. Contact CCS Retail Systems IMMEDIATELY if an invasion is suspected.
  12. Regular Status Meetings to ensure compliance and make adjustments.
  13. Ensure your company has Corporate Identity Monitoring and Protection.

CCS has Malware Invasion Recovery Technicians to help you develop your prevention, invasion detection, and invasion recovery plans.   CCS technicians can recommend appropriate software, hardware, and best practices for management and users.

Contact CCS Support for comprehensive assistance.


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