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Placing a Support Call at CCS Retail Systems, Inc.

CCS has dispatchers assigned to take customer support calls, assign technicians, and make sure calls are followed up.  Contacting CCS technicians directly to open a new support or service call is discouraged because technicians may be out of the office or busy with other customers.  CCS management tries to make sure that all customers get helped as soon as possible.  We have found that controlling the opening of calls with a separate dispatcher is the best way to accomplish this.

We use an automated Call Dispatch and Management System to ensure all calls are logged and monitored.  You will be given a new ticket number to use in tracking the life cycle of your incident. Our response time objective for a new call is 15 – 30 minutes.  We typically achieve this or better it.

Once a call is open and active, you can use the assigned incident or ticket number, and you will be routed to the technician directly.

To place a new call, use this ICON, send a generic request to, or call 800-672-4806.  We suggest that you use the ICON to help us get started on your call.  Please have as much useful information available as possible when we talk to you.  Helpful details are outlined below.

Some of the problem information that is most helpful includes: (You may want to make up a simple form with these areas on it).

  • Error messages that displayed or printed.
  • Samples of the problem, if printable
  • Program(s) and functions that were in use, and who was using them.
  • Physical station and location where the problem occurred.
  • Equipment in use, and settings used, when the problem occurred.
  • Has the equipment recently been serviced?
  • Time of day the problem occurred.
  • Any facilities or environmental changes that were taking place at the time of the problem.
  • Is this a new problem, or has it been reported before? When and by whom?
  • Anything else that helps isolate the specifics of the problem ….

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