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CCS has a base of almost 2,000 users.  We sell, install, and support NCR Counterpoint Retail Software Solutions and related add-ons suitable for dozens of types of Retail organizations.  Some common Retail stores are pictured in the slider above.  Mouse over the images to pause the slider and control it manually.  

We offer the current Microsoft SQL Counterpoint product CPSQL and the legacy Windows and Linux Counterpoint product CPV7.   With our software libraries and experienced technical staff, we can support both versions of Counterpoint and help you efficiently migrate from CPV7 to CPSQL as needed. Contact us about any of these environments.

Counterpoint add-on enhancements and custom programming are CCS Retail strengths.  See our enhancements page for a list of some of our current projects.  We can help you migrate from many obsolete or current third-party systems and platforms to Counterpoint SQL.  If you are a Counterpoint legacy V7 user we can upgrade you to Counterpoint SQL.   Ask us to help you maintain control of your operations with current technology solutions.

Training is a fundamental part of any successful system implementation.  We offer classroom, onsite, and webinar training on the software products we sell.  Contact our sales department for help in planning your training activities.

Look at the product overviews and listen to the YouTube videos below.  See the NCR Counterpoint Comprehensive Overview Demo  Video for the main features of Counterpoint to get a good overview.

NCR Counterpoint Product Overviews

Counterpoint Overview
Counterpoint Features and Functions
Inventory Management
Point of Sale
Retail Management Solution

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CPSQL 8.5 Features and Enhancements

V8.5.4 (November 2017 Feature Updates)


 Sage 300 2016 and 2017 Export Interface

NCR Counterpoint now includes an export accounting interface for Sage 300 2016 and Sage 300 2017, allowing you to transfer distributions and voucher receivings using a pre-defined Data Transformation Services (DTS) package.

Export interfaces for Sage Accpac 5.1 through 6.0 and Sage 300 ERP 2014 are still supported.


 Local Device Services

This version of NCR Counterpoint introduces local device services, which handle all communications between Counterpoint workstations and any point-of-sale devices (e.g., receipt printers, payment terminals, line displays, scales, and so forth) that are connected to them. Local device services always operate on the system to which point-of-sale devices are connected, outside of Counterpoint. This ensures that all low-level device communication occurs directly between the workstation and the device, instead of being handled by Counterpoint.

This feature simplifies device configuration, allowing for consistent deployment and support for point-of-sale devices in all Counterpoint environments. In particular, local device services provide additional stability and increased performance for merchants using point-of-sale devices in WAN environments. In addition, local device services provide support for USB devices (or devices with other, proprietary interfaces) in WAN& environments without requiring serial port virtualization or additional drivers (e.g., the Jungo driver).

Credit Cards Option

Automated Payment Discrepancy Correction

In this version, Counterpoint will attempt to correct specific payment discrepancies as they occur, notifying the user of each issue and the corrective action(s) taken, depending on the nature of the issue. For example, Counterpoint may request a credit card authorization from Secure Pay during ticket completion, but fail to receive the authorization for some reason, such as a network outage or other connectivity problem. In this scenario, Counterpoint will automatically delete the payment line on the incomplete ticket (if applicable), void the corresponding authorization in Secure Pay, and inform the user of these events, before returning the user to the ticket. At that point, the user can process another payment and attempt to complete the ticket again.

With this enhancement, Counterpoint will attempt to automatically correct payment discrepancies that have been reported in specific scenarios. However, due to the variety of potential outages that may occur, we cannot guarantee that Counterpoint will detect or correct all payment discrepancies in all cases. You should continue to use the Secure Pay Reconciliation report to identify any discrepancies between Counterpoint and Secure Pay that could not be corrected automatically.


Displaying Ads on an Ingenico iSC250

In previous versions of NCR Counterpoint, you could configure an Ingenico iS250 payment terminal to display a single advertisement or other images when it was idle.

In this version, you can still display a single image on an iSC250, but the new UniTerm payment controller also allows you to configure your iSC250 payment terminal(s) to display a sequence of “rotating” images. You can choose the images to display, the order in which they appear, and the amount of time each image remains on the iSC250’s screen before the next one is displayed. This feature allows you to present multiple advertisements or announcements to your customers at the point of sale.

The “scrolling receipt” that appeared on iSC250 payment terminals as items were added to (or removed from) a ticket in previous versions of Counterpoint is no longer supported.

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Retail Industries Supported

The types of Retailers CCS supports include:

Agriculture Apparel/Clothing Appliances
Automotive Books Construction
Distribution Education Electrical/Electronics
Food Furniture Gift Shops
Green Retailers Hardware Health and Beauty
Home Decor Jewelry Liquor and Beauty
Marine Museums Music
Non-Profit Party and Paper Pets
Photography Pools and Spas Recreation
Religion Shoes Specialty
Specialty Food Sporting Goods Technology
Toys Transportation Others …

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CCS Retail YouTube Channel

NCR Counterpoint Comprehensive Overview Demo (1hr)

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NCR Retail Applications Overview

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NCR Retail Application Overviews

NCR CustomerConnect
NCR Counterpoint Mobile
NCR Secure Pay
NCR Smart Alerts

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NCR Customer Case Study Reports

Case Study Reports

Food Retailer
Gift Shop
Lawn and Garden Retailer
Sporting Goods Retailer
Wine and Liquor Retailer

Case Study Videos

Overall NCR Counterpoint Case Study

Gun Store Case Study

Wine and Liquor Case Study (Featuring Guinness!)

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