How to Help Us Help You!

How to Help Us Help You!

When we receive calls for support help, we want to assist you as quickly as possible. For that reason, we assign numbers to each request as it is received. These numbers appear on work orders (or tickets) that are given to the technician who will provide the service to you.

Many of our customers have multiple sites, and sometimes we get calls for support from several of these sites all at the same time. Because this happens, a technician may be working simultaneously on multiple issues for the same company, but for different sites. Each issue, however, will have a separate assigned number. This number can be given to you by the technician on the initial call.

When it’s necessary for you to return a call to a technician on an open issue, it saves a lot of time and confusion if you mention the open ticket number of the issue. Therefore, you won’t have to explain the entire problem again before the call is put through.

One other reminder—be sure to provide the phone number where you want to be called if it’s necessary for the technician to call you back. Customers call us from their office, from home, and from cell phones. If you think the tech “has your number,” it might not be the one you want to be used today.

We’re here to help you at 425-672-4806 or email us.


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