“I wish to thank you and your staff for constantly coming to my rescue.  I am so appreciative of the professionalism within your organization, (especially with me, that knows nothing about computers), but yet I can run a business. lol. I know my billing software inside out, but it’s different than the operating system. Again, Brian is awesome, he never makes me feel ‘dumb’, I do that to myself.  He’s always courteous and helpful.  And, Marlene, thank her too – Meydenbaur Professional Services”

“It’s obvious that your company gets the importance of the customer service component… your whole team is incredibly great to work with. – Naturally 4 Paws

“We love the new upgrades – the speed and the ease of setting up the hardware and using our software on the new Server and machines. – MacPherson Leather Company

“Counterpoint is really reliable and CCS support is outstanding. – Pirates Plunder

“Counterpoint’s awesome – especially inventory tracking. – More Power Racing

“Secure Pay is great! Can’t believe any business wouldn’t have it. – Heritage Nursery

“Counterpoint yields a high-performing, stable system with the flexibility to meet the requirement of providing a simple user interface for employees and powerful tools for management. – Highland Sports Center

“We have used software by Synchronics since 1989. It’s a good system and is used by other pool dealers also. It does all upper level Point of Sale and accounting type applications like inventory control, customer data base, retail order deposits, purchasing, bar code and other labels, time card tracking, sales history and reporting, multiple retail location processing, data import, e-commerce access for a website, payment history and just as important a host of file recovery and utilities to protect the data as needed. We use FOCUS Service Software. It’s awesome. We have had some custom features added over the years and they update our customization’s as the software changes. CCS Retail Systems in Lynnwood (Seattle) is great 800-672-4806. Great support, follow up and sales efforts. – Pool World” 

“… the most important aspect of getting started with CP is having a qualified company like CCS to lend support and advise on how to set up your whole system … – All American Canopies” 

“I just wanted to update you on the upgrade project. Overall it went very well. Please let Bryan know how much we appreciated his efforts – Tillamook Cheese

“Thanks for the additional info. I’m sure that John did an excellent job with the demo. You guys are a true VAR, adding real value to the products you sell. I wish more of our dealers were like you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. –  RTM Computer Solutions

“To the CCS Team, We greatly appreciate your help and fast response. Thank you! – All The Best Pet Care

“John – On behalf of all the Cannor Nursery staff, I would like to thank you for the time spent over the last two days training us in the many helpful facets of the CounterPoint program. We all benefited greatly. – Happy gardening from the Cannor Group

“Bryan – Thanks for all your hard work, patience & persistence in fixing my computer. I really appreciate every thing you have done. Your awesome. ‘Let’s keep our fingers crossed’ – Dana and Dr. Gottlieb

“Your support is a million times better than….[my previous dealer]. – S & G Entertainment

“I want to say a very very special thank you to for giving me the little nudge I needed to proceed with the purchase of the five users for FOCUS. Your gentle encouragement gave me the confidence to proceed … A special thank you to Brian for helping with some set up stuff… And a very very special thank you to John for helping me through the many little issues that we could only discover once we went live with the program. – Aqua Spas & Pools

“Was the technician satisfactory? No. He was way beyond that. Over the phone he started with a critical piece of equipment that I was told from the manufactures tech group had to go back to their plant or a technician had to be flown out to get the system running. A short time later Dave had the system up and running better then it has been in a while. – Access Business Group

“NCR Systems’ solutions help us track inventory and also provide better customer service. Once we learned the depth of the Counterpoint functionality, especially related to inventory, and that they could make quick customer changes for our specific needs if necessary, we were sold. – PetPros

“… he is very pleased and that CCS has really moved them forward. Since we got the communications going for them, it’s been “working like a charm”. There’s still a lot to do, but he’s very happy – also happy that we would call to check. – Cannor Nurseries

“Hi John. I was impressed with your service over the weekend — I was really up a creek, and to hear immediately from both you and Brian was fantastic. It took some phone calls and running around for a hard drive, but Brian was able to get us back on track. I realize this malfunction was certainly nothing to do with CCS, and it was really impressive that you helped me like that on a holiday weekend! – Petticoat Junction, Inc

“I just wanted to mention that Bryan is excellent to work with. I have to bill my time to customers when I have to correspond with vendors or 3rd party support companies and Bryan is very efficient and pleasant to work with. I have to bill Eagle Enterprises less of my time because of it. I am always trying to give my clients the most bang for their buck and Bryan always helps to keep things efficient. I’ll be sure to mention this to Shane, the owner of Eagle Enterprises. – Eagle Enterprises

“Wanted to let you know and commend the outstanding work that Bryan did in helping us to setup the Counterpoint software. He has helped us tremendously and he’s truly an asset to your company!. – Square Sun PRINT

“Please send me a bill for Dave’s advice and time researching this issue. He was very patient and kind dealing with us novices. Thanks again for the excellent service.- Cascade Pacific Flooring

“Hi David, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help on getting our Unix box back up. Without your help, I can’t imagine where we’d be. Thank You!!!! – Snohomish PUD

“BTW – Bryan did a superb job with our updates. Fast, Professional, Trouble-free! He is to be commended for a job well done! – IT Manager Dave Phillips Music & Sound

“Bryan – Thank you. Working my laptop now and its fabulous! – Dir. Client Services Sound Management & Billing Service