Is there a Gap in your GAAP?

Is there a Gap in your GAAP?

GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice) standards are often overlooked. Things that you should look for are:

1. Running edit lists to review transactional data before posting it in batch. – This allows you to catch any errors or omissions prior to posting.

2. Documents that you create should always have unique numbers. This would be true regardless of what area of the software that the document being created in.

Examples: POS Orders and Invoices, A/P Vouchers and Checks (paper and EFT), Payroll Checks, General Journal numbers, etc.

3. Auditing as you go – Whenever you are doing transaction input, after auditing your work, you should have another staff member review it before you post it.

4. Grouping transactions by date or period– As you are making any adjustments, make sure that all adjustments that are posted together are on the same date and/or within the same accounting period – Meaning don’t post entries dated in January with activity for February or March.

Typically, in most software applications, a document number is considered a Primary Key, so it should be considered “Unique” and would not be duplicated. However, there are some programs where it might be a Secondary key where multiples might be allowed, such as using a sequence Number, such as when using duplicate entries and historical tables such as Check History (e.g. checks, voids for the same checks, or manual payments, EFT transactions, etc.).

Just because a program might allow you to insert duplicate data, that isn’t necessarily a good thing to do

Even in situations where the programming might allow for this sort of thing, a duplicate document number might cause other issues with software functionality. -As examples.

• Unique document numbers make auditing easier. If an auditor sees a lot of duplicate documents, it may prompt the auditor to dig deeper looking for other accounting irregularities, thereby artificially extending the length of the audit. An example of this sort of this would be a local, state or federal tax audit.

• A Ticket/Invoice number exists in history multiple times – So A user runs a report on ticket #54653 without having specified a date or date range. The subsequent report returns a dozen documents created over a period of 10 years.

• Problems posting – I have seen examples where end-users have used the same invoice number dozens of times. When they try to post a new voucher using the same invoice number, the program may hang or crash while it attempting multiple times to create a “New” document for one that already existed previously. As an example, the program might be writing data for the same document into history a dozen times, and they just stop the attempts to write the new data.

The worst example of this that I have seen so far, is with one vendor that 21 manual payments on file using an invoice and check number of “SUPPLIES”

In this case, a better example of document number creation would have been to enter numbers in a format like the following: “SUPMMDDYY” (e.g. SUP042519… or Supplies for 04/25/2019), or “VendNoPrefixMM252019) (e.g. BOS042519, Bobs Office Supplies for 04/25/2019).

Check number and Invoice numbers should always be auto-assigned.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the creating your own document number assignment schema, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support department.

– John

Passport Version 12.06 Update 2

Passport Business Solutions
Passport Business Solutions

Passport Version 12.06 Update 2

With the release of PBS 12.06, Passport completes a major infrastructure project on field expansions that were begun with the v. 12.05 release. Enhancements for PBS v.12.06 now include:

  • Expanded field sizes for both the name and addresses in Customer, Ship-to, and Contact files.
  • Field expansions in A/R, O/E, POS and Customer Order Processing in PBS Manufacturing.
  • Professional Time & Billing fields expanded.
  • PO # expanded to 30 characters to accommodate Amazon and other vendors.
  • Approximately 12-14 new Accounts Payable reports have been created
  • There are three new SSRS reports that replace CounterPoint version 7.5 related reports that were used with wholesale distributors.
  • PBS 12.06 includes a new runtime, version 10.2, so this is not an update-in-place, and requires exporting of existing data, a fresh software install and the use of EZ Convert utility to migrate your existing data to the new format.

Also, Passport 12.06 SQL installation has some significant software and configuration prerequisites detailed as follows.

  • Currently, for server environments, MS Server 2008 and MS Server 2012 are supported server operating systems.
  • MS SQL Server 2014 with MS SQL Reporting Services is recommended for Passport 12.06, MS SQL Server 2008 and or MS SQL Server 2012 with Advanced Tools are supported, however, MS SQL Report Service must also be installed prior to installing Passport 12.06.
  • Like Passport 12.05, the CashPoint interface for Passport 12.06 is NOT compatible with NCR Counterpoint version prior to version 8.5, so your NCR Counterpoint software may need to be upgraded as well

Please consult the CCS Support department if you have any questions on the above release.

– John

Passport Version 12.06 Update for July 2018

Passport Business Solutions
Passport Business Solutions

Passport Version 12.06 Update

With the release of PBS 12.06, Passport completes a major infrastructure project on field expansions begun with the version 12.05 release. Enhancements for PBS 12.06 will include:

  • Expanded field sizes for both the name and addresses in Customer, Ship-to, and Contact files.
  • Field expansions in A/R, O/E, POS and Customer Order Processing in PBS Manufacturing.
  • Professional Time & Billing fields expanded.
  • PO # expanded to 30 characters to accommodate Amazon, etc.
  • Approximately 12-14 Accounts Payable SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports have been created
  • Three new SSRS reports have been created to replace the previous standard reports for wholesale distributors.
  • Passport 12.06 includes a new runtime, version 10.2, so a fresh install will be required and the use of EZ Convert is required to migrate your existing data to the new format.

Currently, version 12.06 is being thoroughly beta tested in-house at Passport. A Limited release will begin mid-July, 2018 with general release anticipated to be available at the end of July 2018

Please consult the CCS Support department if you have any questions on the above release.

– John

Using The Passport Payroll and a Time Clock Function

Using The Passport Payroll and a Time Clock Function

Meet TimeClick 2018

Rated the best time clock software by Top Ten Reviews, TimeClick is a simple to use time clock program that allows employees to clock in and out from their computers. It keeps detailed records of all time worked for as long as the user wishes and allows reporting of any time period asked for. TimeClick works with Passport’s PBS Payroll to simplify payroll preparation.

And now, new TimeClick 2018 features a sleek interface that makes it easy for any employee to clock in/out, switch departments or jobs, review messages, view current hours, all on one customizable screen.

Real-time reporting allows instant viewing of employee hours and prevents unwanted overtime by using employee schedules with “early” clock in prevention.

Employees can be assigned to jobs and departments to break down hours worked into different categories and track where time is being expended.

Depending on settings, employees are able to access the Employee Options Menu, which allows employees to send/receive messages, request Vacation, Sick, or PTO off, receive notifications and submit missed time requests. This simple messaging system allows for easy communication!

Contact CCS Retail Systems to explore how a Time Clock can streamline your payroll operations efficiency and accuracy.


Counterpoint v7 2017 Year-End Closing Procedures

Counterpoint v7 2017 Year-End Closing


1. If your Counterpoint Fiscal Year ends on 12/31/2017:

_Set Up A New Calendar for 2018.

_Close the Year in Counterpoint.

2. If your Counterpoint Fiscal Year DOES NOT end on 12/31/2017, DO NOT run Year-end Close.

_ However, You must still set up a 2018 Calendar.

3. If you ARE NOT closing your Calendar year at this time:

_Change Counterpoint to allow transactions for Next Year. If this is not done, you will not be able to process transactions in 2018.

4. Payroll For Counterpoint Users

_No year-end procedures are required on 12/31/2017…

Contact CCS Retail Systems for Details and Assistance- Contact CCS Support

Passport v12.03.08, v12.04.07, and v12.05.03 2017 year-end updates

PSI Logo - Clear

The PBS v12.03.08, v12.04.07, v12.05.03 year-end updates.

Here is a brief description of some of the changes and additions:

Accounts Payable

Because of the expanded vendor name and address fields, there are program changes to:

· Accounts Payable 1099-MISC Forms

· 1099-MISC Magnetic Media


New box 12 Code FF Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement has been added for year-end. Program changes include:

· Entering Box 12 code FF amount in year-end information

· Printing Box 12 code FF amount on the year-end report

· Printing Box 12 code FF on W-2 forms

· Generating Box 12 code FF in W-2 magnetic media

Because of the expanded employee name and address fields there are Payroll program changes for:

· Printing W-2 forms

· Generating W-2 magnetic media

· Printing 1099 forms

· Generating 1099 magnetic media

The Single W-2 form (2 per page) and the Double laser form (4 per page) types are available for printing W-2s. The double wide dot matrix form is no longer available.

The Employee by employee # report will not print email information.

A View Time worked history graphical mode screen, introduced in v12.05.02, allows you to see time worked history for each employee.

Affordable Care Act

There are many enhancements and changes to the Affordable Care Act. These include:

· New mass update employee ACA information program. This saves a lot of time when updating your data.

· New Generate offer of coverage report. This data can be emailed to your employees.

The update is available through CCS Retail Systems.

Thank you,

Passport Development

Passport Payroll ACA Reporting Requirement for 2017/2018 Years


Passport Payroll ACA Reporting Requirement for 2017/2018 Years

Currently, ACA Reporting is Still Mandatory

With all the confusion regarding the Affordable Care Act not resolved it is important that your Human Resources Department and/or Payroll Departments understand that the ACA Employer mandate and the requirement to report is still the law.

If you are required to file you can save lots of money by avoiding IRS penalties. This is likely to be a bigger issue this year because the IRS is working hard to identify employers who have either not filed or who at least made a failed attempted to report.

How do you fit in?

First identify your specific situation:

If your company has expanded and has hit the 50+ employee threshold, reporting is required.

While this may be new to you, Passport can help even if you don’t currently use the Passport Payroll Software.

Passport provides a fee based service to assist you with your ACA reporting requirements.

This would be handy if you need to report this year for the first time or if you are unhappy withhow this was handled for last year’s reporting process.

Passport’s Software has the best ACA solution on the market for ACA compliance reporting, including all the electronic reporting. Check them out at Capterra Reviews. They have been helping hundreds of companies meet their reporting obligations since 2015.

Passport offers everything from a one-time software license fee if you wish to run your ACA reports in-house, through to a complete turnkey service with Passport filing all your reports for you… and all of this at a very affordable cost, which is much less than the penalties the IRS is likely to impose for failing to report and/or failing to report on-time Filing deadline reminders:

Standard ACA filing deadlines apply for Tax Year 2017. Unlike in previous years, there are no automatic extensions for late filing this year.

  • Employee 1095-C copies January 31st, 2018
  • 1095-C/1094-C paper filing February 28th, 2018
  • 1095-C/1094-C electronic filing March 31st, 2018

With the deadline for employee copies not being extended as it was in 2017, this means all 2017 ACA data needs to be completed and accurate by the end of January 2018.

For more information please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.


PBS Version 12.05 – Some good reasons to upgrade


PBS Version 12.05 – Some good reasons to upgrade

Some of the most notable enhancements in Passport 12.05 are:

  • Major field expansions in AP and PR
  • Passport POS users – you will also see enhancements to credit card processing covering tokenization,
  • Payroll – Emailing of employee pay-stubs and direct deposit remittances to employees.
  • A PBS Mobile App.
  • Inventory Control graphical screens.
  • PBS Manufacturing enhancements.
  • PBS Query Builder.
  • Additional modules are in the works, which includes new entry screens, look-ups, form printing and reports!

PBS Version 12.05 is available for all customers who are PUP-current with a PUP expiration license that is dated beyond June 1, 2017. PBS Version 12.05 requires a fresh install, a data conversion process, as well as a new XDBC data catalog download. You can contact the CCS Support department (support) in order to schedule this.

Coming Soon:

CashPoint™ Version 12.05 interface to NCR Counterpoint v.8.5.2 and then 8.5.3.

TimeClick – allowing the import of employee hours worked data directly into the PBS Payroll Time Worked file,

eliminating the need for the PBS Data Import module. PBS v.12.05 Unix/Linux version.

Both Passport and CCS will update you on the availability of the above features.

Passport™ Query Builder Arrives

Powerful reporting is here! Passport Query Builder, Passports newest 12.05 add-on module, allows access to ALL PBS files for creating customized reports.

Passport Query Builder is a replacement for the older PDQ Query Function (which is no longer available in Passport as of version 12.05. Query Builder requires that MSSQL Server (or MSSSQL Server Express), MS SQL SSRS

(SQL Report Writer), and AcuXDBC be installed.

For PBS Vision 12.05 customers, the Query Builder is limited to a single workstation, with MS SQL Express, SSRS and AcuXDBC all required. For this reason we highly recommend that Vision users migrate to PBS SQL, allowing you to move to newer technology and simply purchase Query Builder for one or more seats.

Currently, PBS users who move up to PBS SQL will receive a free single-user license for the Query Builder.

Please note:

Query Builder is coming soon for Unix/Linux installations.

Query Builder for Cashpoint will be available when Cashpoint 12.05 is available.

Currently, more testing is occurring with Query Builder on Thin Client.

If you have any questions about the above. please contact the CCS Support Department.

– John

Looking for a good Accounting Package that integrates with Counterpoint?


Looking for a good Accounting Package that integrates with Counterpoint?

CCS has sold Passport Software since it was known as RealWorld in the 1980’s & 90’s. Passport is a full featured accounting package that stands alone or integrates with Counterpoint SQL. It covers Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll for retailers. And if you are large enough and need ACA for your Payroll it can do that too.

The Cash Point version allows for a direct interface with Counterpoint. You can do vouchered receivings that carry right over to Accounts Payable so no need for double entry of your vendor’s bills. Your sales numbers can be interfaced to General Ledger with just one or two keystrokes.

Take a look at the at the website below for more information.

If you’d like more information or to see a demo – shoot me an email or give me a call.


Passport CashPoint update

CashPoint Logo

CashPoint Corner

Exciting NEW CashPoint info. V.12.05 is SO close to being released..

There are several new features and improvements to the NCR Counterpoint to CashPoint v12.05 interface. The new Table to Table interface for Payables and Distributions when running PBS SQL is huge!

  • There is now a G/L distributions SQL table to SQL table interface which is faster and more reliable. (The export to a text file is still available.)
  • There is also an A/P payables SQL table to SQL table interface which is faster and more reliable. (The export to a text file is still available.)
  • Vendor contacts can be updated in PBS A/P from NCR Counterpoint vendors. Contacts are now in a separate table in Cashpoint v12.05.
  • When updating either the G/L accounts or vendors, you may set the direction the data flows in PBS Control. You are not required to make a selection every time the process is run.
  • When updating either the G/L accounts or vendors you may select a specific PBS company ID. This is useful when updating multiple PBS companies.
  • For the interface to Check Reconciliation you may select the Pay code Amount to come from either Ticket payments or Drawer count.
  • You may specify the G/L distributions Reference Value to be either the Batch Number: Account type-event number or the new First document number of a transaction group.
  • There are utilities to help remove and re-create the PBS views when using on-line ticket entry. Also, there is a new utility to remove PBS from on-line ticket entry.
  • The new View Checkbook Entries screen accesses PBS C/R data from the NCR Counterpoint menu.
  • After saving PBS Control, a new message informs the user when the implementation script needs to be re-run to re-create views after specific server, instance and other database connection fields have been modified.

Note: NCR Counterpoint version 8.5.2 or 8.5.3 is required to run with CashPoint v.12.05.

We have placed our CashPoint in-depth video series in a new, more convenient location on the Passport corporate website.

Now it’s easy for NCR Counterpoint SQL customers and prospects to discover how much more streamlined and efficient their cash flow management can be.

We’ve eliminated the need for cumbersome manual imports and exports, reduced redundant data entry, improved efficiency and provided a more secure system.

CashPoint brings deposits into Check Reconciliation from NCR Counterpoint allowing users to track deposits between the two systems. Besides bank deposit automation, Cashpoint provides vendor file synchronization and more.

Optionally, PBS Payroll may be added as well as Passport’s Affordable Care Act Management Software, for a complete cash management picture.

Passport System Solutions