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Exciting NEW CashPoint info. V.12.05 is SO close to being released..

There are several new features and improvements to the NCR Counterpoint to CashPoint v12.05 interface. The new Table to Table interface for Payables and Distributions when running PBS SQL is huge!

  • There is now a G/L distributions SQL table to SQL table interface which is faster and more reliable. (The export to a text file is still available.)
  • There is also an A/P payables SQL table to SQL table interface which is faster and more reliable. (The export to a text file is still available.)
  • Vendor contacts can be updated in PBS A/P from NCR Counterpoint vendors. Contacts are now in a separate table in Cashpoint v12.05.
  • When updating either the G/L accounts or vendors, you may set the direction the data flows in PBS Control. You are not required to make a selection every time the process is run.
  • When updating either the G/L accounts or vendors you may select a specific PBS company ID. This is useful when updating multiple PBS companies.
  • For the interface to Check Reconciliation you may select the Pay code Amount to come from either Ticket payments or Drawer count.
  • You may specify the G/L distributions Reference Value to be either the Batch Number: Account type-event number or the new First document number of a transaction group.
  • There are utilities to help remove and re-create the PBS views when using on-line ticket entry. Also, there is a new utility to remove PBS from on-line ticket entry.
  • The new View Checkbook Entries screen accesses PBS C/R data from the NCR Counterpoint menu.
  • After saving PBS Control, a new message informs the user when the implementation script needs to be re-run to re-create views after specific server, instance and other database connection fields have been modified.

Note: NCR Counterpoint version 8.5.2 or 8.5.3 is required to run with CashPoint v.12.05.

We have placed our CashPoint in-depth video series in a new, more convenient location on the Passport corporate website.

Now it’s easy for NCR Counterpoint SQL customers and prospects to discover how much more streamlined and efficient their cash flow management can be.

We’ve eliminated the need for cumbersome manual imports and exports, reduced redundant data entry, improved efficiency and provided a more secure system.

CashPoint brings deposits into Check Reconciliation from NCR Counterpoint allowing users to track deposits between the two systems. Besides bank deposit automation, Cashpoint provides vendor file synchronization and more.

Optionally, PBS Payroll may be added as well as Passport’s Affordable Care Act Management Software, for a complete cash management picture.

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