Signature Capture Devices



Signature Capture Devices.

Would you like to have your customers signature show up on Invoices and Order printouts?

There are a couple devices that can be used to do this.

One is the Ingenico ISC250 Pin Pad, it combines a signature capture device, along with a Pin Pad and MSR for processing credit/debit card payments. It will capture the customers signature, which can then be used to print on receipts, invoice and order forms and also be looked up in ticket history without printing.

There is also the Topaz signature capture device. It will only capture the customer signature that can then be printed on receipts, invoices, and order forms.

The signature will not automatically print on the forms with these devices and will need to be added to the form of your choice.

The Topaz is a useful device if you are processing payments outside of Counterpoint (i.e. Standalone Credit Card Terminal), or would still like to capture signatures for A/R charge type sales/returns or any transaction that you set as requiring a signature.

There is a little setup required, and there are specific device models that can be used, so if you are interested, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support or Sales Department at 800.672.4806 for help determining the right model for your system.


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    1. Dear Ms. Connie Andes;

      Thank you for contacting CCS Retail Systems. We offer support on the NCR hardware and software products you reference. We have hundreds of Retailers of all sizes that we support with our local staff in Lynnwood Washington. For us to start to help you, we need you to agree to a minimal support contract of 4 hours. We require payment in advance of services provided. If you are interested, please contact us at 800-672-4806 and ask for Marilyn.

      Or you can contact your existing partner who installed & supports your Counterpoint System.

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