Let The Tablet Wars Begin

Tablet Wars

With Microsoft unveiling its latest entry into the tablet market with its "Surface" product, Google is said to be unveiling its latest creation on Wednesday during its own annual developer conference (Google I/O) in San Francisco.  These are firsts for both Google and Microsoft in the Tablet arena.

Google’s entry is said to be a Nexus-branded 7-inch tablet, called the Nexus 7.  It will be running an unreleased version of the Android OS code named "Jellybean"

If you are in the tablet market and still on the fence about Apples IPad, you may want to wait to see all the competitors before you make your decision.  Although Apple has a high market share, with plenty of apps to go along with it, it is only a matter of time before Google and Microsoft put a dent in Apples dominance.

If the Google tablet is anything like their phones, there will be plenty of apps that will rival Apples, and more than likely be free.

We also need to look at what tablets will do for the retail side of things.  CounterPoint SQL already has an Apple solution, and it would not surprise me if an Android solution is in the works,  I have seen mobile devices in many of the retail stores and restaurants I frequent.  Talking to the users, they enjoy using the devices because of the ease of use, less human error and the more "up to date" feel that the whole establishment enjoys.

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