Celebrating Our History on July 4th

Sales Predictions for the Holiday

It’s nearly here—the day we celebrate America’s struggles for independence. The latest survey from BIGsight for National Retail Federation suggests that the celebration will be a significant one for retailers! According to the survey, 160 million people (67.6 percent of Americans) will participate in the holiday festivities by either hosting or attending a cookout/barbecue and/or picnic. This is the most in the survey’s history!

Just think of all the things that need to be purchased for entertaining in this way on the 4th. First, of course, is the food, but along with that, purchases could include paper plates and glasses, napkins, table decorations (often flowers and a decorated tablecloth), charcoal briquettes, a grill, outdoor furniture, liquid refreshments, flags, and even fireworks for some. 

For those who will be traveling to the beach or to see family, other necessities come into the picture. From sunscreen, beach towels, and clothing to beach balls, sand buckets and frisbees, many special products will be purchased. More than 48 million people said that they intend to buy additional patriotic merchandise, like flags and Uncle Sam hats. This adds up to major sales for retailers who are prepared.

Are you prepared for major sales? Is your inventory up to date? Have you kept track of your loyal customers so you can send sale news to them? Will you be able to sell “on the spot” to those on the go? Having the right POS Software like CounterPoint will provide you with the means to keep your inventory information at your fingertips. Options like CP CustomerConnect and CPMobile will not only help you track your customers, but provide service to them wherever you (and they) are.

If you would like more details about CounterPoint POS, we can answer your questions at 425-672-4806 or email us.

Goodbye for now—I need to go buy a new flag!

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