Switch from a 32bit to 64bit OS

Changing From 32bit to 64bit. 

If you are planning on getting a new PC or laptop this holiday season be aware that most new machines will have a 64bit OS preinstalled.  Although this is not a bad thing, you should do some research on you current devices to be sure they will work.  Microsoft has links to help you review this by device by manufacturer.

A good example of why you should check this before comes to mind.  Of all people, my father (A techy type person) just bought a new laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  Unfortunately his printer (An older HP printer) did not have 64bit compatible drivers, and the 64bit OS would not allow installing 32bit drivers.  I mentioned to him to try using the XP mode and he was still having issues getting his printer to work.  Luckily his old Windows XP machine was still available and he was able to get his documents printed but this was still very frustrating for him.

So before going out to buy a new PC or laptop with a preinstalled OS, make sure the rest of your hardware weather it be a printer, SD card reader or in a business environment a Credit Card MSR reader will be supported (meaning has 64bit compatible drivers available) before taking everything apart to find out you can not print or swipe.

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