A Customer Service Story

Providing what customers need, quickly, cheerfully and accurately is a necessity in any retail environment.

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation trip with my daughter. It was a ten-day cruise on a ship that carried 3,700 passengers and over 1,200 crew members. Stops were made in ports around the northern Mediterranean from Barcelona, Spain to Messina, Sicily.

People on board had needs including food, room cleaning, entertainment, laundry services, embarkment and disembarkment, safety instruction, tender services in ports, health and spa services and much more. I couldn’t help wondering how all of this could be accomplished without many problems that passengers were sure to complain about.

I was absolutely amazed at how great the service was! Even before we started the trip, we were invited to go to the cruise line’s website to have questions answered and to chat with others who would be on the cruise with us.

After boarding the ship, we were greeted by our room stewards immediately and they called us by name every time they saw us in a passageway thereafter. If we got lost on the ship, someone was always there (without being asked) to direct us to where we were going. We were asked if we had any special food needs in the dining room. Daily briefings were given to explain the next day’s port and what to expect on shore.

On the last day, when our bill was delivered to our cabin, we had a chance to go over all charges and question any discrepancies. Guess what? There weren’t any!

Do you think I’d choose this cruise line again? Of course I would! Good customer service will bring customers back again and again, whether it’s a cruise ship or a pet store. Providing what customers need, quickly, cheerfully and accurately is a necessity in any retail environment.

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