Have you been “Smished” today?

Have you been "Smished" today?

The Washington State Attorney Generals office put out a warning today about a widespread text-messaging scam called "Smishing" (from SMS – Smart Message Service).  This scam is one were thieves try to trick consumers into sharing bank account numbers an other sensitive data.

This new twist on the old email scam called "Phishing", but rely’s on calling and sending text messages to cell phones and smart phones from someone posing as a Wells Fargo employee.  The text message is formatted similarly to the following: 

"WELLS FARGO ALERT:  Your CARD starting with 4868 has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 206-913-7695."

As the day has progress, there has been a flood of similar morphed messages from person claiming to represent Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Capital One.

If you are targeted by similar test messages, The Attorney Generals Office is recommending that you contact you bank directly to confirm whether you account has actually been compromised, and to file a complaint at the following URL click HERE.

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