First Look At Windows 8

Windows 8 Developers Preview 

Microsoft has released a "Pre-Beta" version of their flagship OS.  It is called Windows 8.  At first glance, it looks like a tablet/Smart phone type interface where as your screen slides to the left and right with your apps as "Tiles" like on your phone.  It is called the "Metro UI". There are options to switch it to a more classic view, which I prefer, the Metro UI seems cumbersome and not as efficient and a normal desktop. Being that this is a pre-beta release, I’m sure things will change, and like all things that change, it may just be something I will get used to. 

In a business environment, I don’t see the new interface being a big hit.  Internet Explorer 10 is the default browser,  besides some of the under the hood improvements, it looks and feels much like IE 9.  When I tried it. some of the default apps didn’t work.  It did take a little fussing to get it installed.  The boot up time is very fast compared to previous versions of Windows.

All in all, even for a pre-beta release it seems to be a stable OS much like Windows 7.  I guess we will see when an actually beta release comes out.

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