The Devil in the Details

You may have read a blog or two on the CCS retail Systems website about giving as much information as possible when describing a problem with your system.  I recently troubleshot and fixed an on-going problem for a customer that proves this point.

The initial issue was that one of the registers was "Slow".  I tried to ask the actual users what the problem was, and all I got was that the register was slow compared the the other registers at the store.  I even went as far as to ask the users to start a problem log in hopes of getting more information.  With such a vague description the problem it could be anything from a virus or malware to a network problem.  I logged in to the problem register, and had the user help me by describing where things were plugged into it. I checked cables, and some of the more obvious stuff which may not have been check before.  While talking to the user, I finally got the key piece of information which led to the resolution of the problem.  Sometimes techs pickup on these key pieces while talking to the users while we are waiting for a system to reboot or while the user is logging in.

The key piece of information was that it was not the whole computer that was slow or even that the software was slow, it was that a certain task was slow depending on the type of transaction being processed.  Armed with that information (which was not disclosed or documented before) I knew exactly where to go and what to do to fix the problem.

A simple problem log could of made this issue go away in 15 minutes rather than the time it actually took.  So as you can see the Devil really is in the details.

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-Bryan alt

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