Centralized System administration

The larger your network, the more you can benefit from centralized administration.  If you have two or three computers, it’s not too difficult to make sure that they are kept up-to-date, with patches and security software.

However, as your network grows, it is increasingly time consuming to administer each computer separately.  Centralized administration makes it much easier to keep all of your computes up-to-date.

We use a network version of our anti-virus program, which is administered from a central server.  From this server, all of the desktops can be scheduled to update their anti-virus software, virus signatures, and scheduling system scans.  I can check the status of all desktops from this one location, to make sure that they have the latest virus updates installed, check the results of their system scans, and so forth.

Since it is much faster to check them all from this one location, they are monitored more closely than they would be if I had to go to each machine to check them.

That is just one example of a product that can be administered centrally.  Contactl us if you would like help centralizing more of your administration.

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