Amazon cloud problem point out vulnerabilities

Recently, Amazon has had problems with its cloud computing service.  Part of their systems became overloaded, causing a large amount of re-mirroring, which took many sites offline.  Many also permanently lost their data.

This points out the problem with cloud computing.  You are at the mercy of those running the cloud.  Many sites were down, because they were using a cloud, where the problems that arose were totally out of their control.  Even if their data was not lost, they had to wait until those in charge of the cloud got around to restoring their data.

If you are using cloud computing, and there is a problem, all you can do is wait for the problem to be fixed.  If you are running your site in-house and there is a problem, at least you are in control of getting it resolved.  You can make the decision if the existing systems can be revived, or a new system is required.  You also can take steps to insure the safety of your data.

Contact CCS Retail Support for a Data Security and Reliability Audit that addresses these and related issues.  Most retailers cannot afford to be down at all.  Every few minutes down can result in lost revenue from lost counter activity.

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