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If you were not aware, CounterPoint Version 7 and CounterPoint SQL gives you the ability to print labels from many parts of the software.  You can print just 1 or many labels depending on where you are and what you are doing in the software. There are many different shapes and sizes of labels supported,  CCS can help you create and customize exactly what you want.

The important thing to remember is that your label printer uses a special language and special stock.  I believe I have written about the special language before, so this time I will talk about the label stock itself.

I recent took a call from a customer that was having problems with their label printer.  The printer would not calibrate properly.  Calibrating the printer helps it know where the top and the bottom of the printable area of the label is.  If the printer can not "see" where the labels starts and stops, you will get inconsistent label runs which might not print all the labels you want.  This is what was happening to my customer. 

After working with them over the phone, it was recommended for me to come on-site to see if there was a problem with the printer or the software.  I should also mention that this customer also bought labels from a third party.  What the problem ended up being was, that company that sold the labels gave them labels for a different brand of printer. 

Why does this make a difference you ask?  Well each brand of printer has its own way of finding the top and the bottom of the label.  For example, Cognitive Barcode Blaster has a sensor on the left hand side of the rollers that is able to read the gap, bar or notch the label stock has.  Zebra printers on the other hand, either have a light or a sensor that is adjustable. So if I had label stock for a Zebra printer, the calibration points are in different locations then if I had label stock for a Barcode Blaster. 

This is what was happening at the customers site.  They had a Cognitive Printer but had Zebra stock.  The Zebra stock had a notch on the top center of the label, the Cognitive printer has a non-adjustable sensor on the left of the rollers.  Whenever you tried to print a label or calibrate the printer, either the labels would not print right, or it would spit out too many labels.

The solution was as simple as loading the printer with the correct label stock. It is always a good idea to find out what label stock will and will not work with your printer.  The CCS Retail Systems Support Department can help you figure out what make and model of printer you have and help you get the correct labels for your application and printer.

If you have any questions about printing, customizing, or label printer supplies, please call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department at 800-672-4806 or email_us

-Bryan alt


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