Taking your store on-line

With Radiant Systems Counterpoint SQL, you can use the CPOnline eCommerce product to add an on-line store.  This allows you to sell your products interactively on the Internet.  With this increased target audience, the potential for increased sales on the site and in the store is substantial .

With CPOnline, customers order directly from your store website, the orders come to your server automatically where you fill and ship them.  The potential for new sales is great because of the convenience and 24 x 7 availability of your products.  The CPOnline system is your sales rep that never sleeps or gets sick.  Many consumers prefer to shop and buy at their convenience any time of the day.  Not just when your store is open.

For Order Fulfillment, taking it a step further,  if your vendors support drop shipping directly to your customers, then the burden of packaging and shipping can be passed on to them, as well.  In this scenario, the customer places an order on your website, and the order comes in to your CP-SQL system.  The CP-SQL system then generates a P.O., which is sent to your vendor.  The vendor fills and ships the order to your customer.  Updates on the status of the order are sent back to your CP-SQL system. The CP-SQL system then updates the CPOnline store, so your customer gets the information to track their order.

These steps can all be fully automated, minimizing the amount of effort you expend, improving your revenues and bottom line.  You can do more business with the same or fewer employees.  Contact CCS Retail to explore the unlimited potential of eCommerce Retailing.

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