Cut Your Keystrokes – Save Time

SNIP-ITPRO Keystroke Productivity Utility Improves Productivity in Front and Back Operations

Any repetitive keyboarding can benefit from this great little Windows Utility.  Store your messages and commands for Counters, Back Office, or Technical Tasks, any time text needs to be re-entered for any reason (a snippet).  A great productivity tool.  See the product and get a download at

All your favorite Snippets in one place.

Snip-It Pro is a snippet manager with features designed to make you more productive. It provides a single place where you can store all the useful bits of text that you need.

For clerks and administrators, your favorite comments/phrases, promotional messages, Order/Sales comments, Purchasing/Accounting comments, search filters, etc.  You can then find them online in one place. 

For IT personnel, save your system commands, SQL queries, program functions, XML configuration, regular expressions, and useful code.  You can then find them online in one place

Save Time and Keystrokes

Why type when you can Drag and Drop?  A new templating features allows you to add placeholders that can be replaced before use. Assign hot keys to snippets and save even more time.

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