The $100 Tablet PC

The $100 Tablet PC

A non-profit organization that for years has tried to produce it’s own $100 laptop PC for children has jumped ship and then jumped on the tablet PC bandwagon.

One Laptop Per Child’s next computer is intended to be based on Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.’s "Moby" tablet design. The recently announced prototype for the device is expect to be released in January of 2011 and is anticipated to cost around $99.

The key to lowering the cost is said to be in Marvell’s finding new ways to cut the cost of designing it’s chips.

The new tablet is intended to have:

  •  A least one, and possibly two cameras.

  •  Wifi Internet

  •  "Multi-touch" Touchscreens.

  •  Enough power to play high-definition and 3D video.

  • The capability to work with plug-in peripherals such as a Mouse and Keyboard.

  • The first generation is likely to run the Android mobile-device operating system. A later advanced version is intended to be available that will run a free version of Linux.

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