Should You Start Your New Business Now?

Are you thinking of starting a new business, but fear that it may not be the best time because of the recession?  Think again!  According to Brad Sugars of Entrepreneur, recessions are among the strongest times for new business start-ups.

Successful companies like Disney, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft are a few of many who got their starts during recessions.  How could this happen?  Several circumstances play into this phenomenon.  Here are ten for you to consider:

1.  Everything is cheaper.  From land to equipment, commercial office space, personnel and labor, everything costs less than it normally would cost. 

2.  More and better-qualified people can be hired.  Some people will even work for nothing in order to keep their skills up-to-date.  This is happening now with tech workers in the Silicon Valley.

3.  People are looking to change suppliers.  Many companies are looking to form new partnerships with new companies who have different, better, or more innovative ways to deliver products and services.

4.  Ownership can provide tax incentives.  Business ownership offers a variety of tax benefits not available to employees.

5.  Suppliers are giving better credit.  When everyone is looking to survive when credit markets have virtually shut down, great deals can be had.

6.  Family and friends may be more willing to help finance your new venture.  Fewer people now want to risk their money in real estate and stock market investments.  They will have greater trust in someone they know personally, especially if that person has a solid business plan and great potential for success.

7.  You can get good PR by demonstrating your optimism.  The media will love you for going against the trend.

8.  At auction, you can find everything you need.  Large equipment, office furnishings, even fleets of vehicles for delivery services or construction can be acquired at great prices.

9.  You can find great deals now.  "Low money" or "no money down" deals can be negotiated by those business owners who want out at any cost.  From taking over a lease (along with all the equipment), you could turn around a very viable business.

10.  You’ve lost your job.  Maybe this is the incentive you need to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  A greater urgency to earn money often motivates one toward success.

By starting a new business, you will be helping to create the jobs that move the economy back on track.  And when the economy is back on track, your business will have the foundation laid for future profits.

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