Changing ISP’s? Some Things to Consider.

With all the specials ISPs are giving, you may want to change Providers. But just changing your ISP may not be as simple as having the tech come on site and install their equipment. Here are some things to consider BEFORE having the service tech switch out equipment.

Do you have any networked devices?  Printers and Storage devices are the most common networked devices. Normally they have been setup a certain way to work with your network.  Most of the equipment that ISPs install at your site use default settings.  These rarely match the settings of what is currently in place.  The result may be that you can get to the Internet and send email, but can you print?  If the new equipment is not configured properly your network devices may not work.

Another thing to consider is remote support access.  Without remote support, the time it can take to resolve a problem may be twice as long or more.  Configuring the specifics of remote support is the same type of problem as configuring other devices in the point above.  If the new router is not properly configured, remote access for support and working from home can be lost in the change over.

Over the last few weeks, I have run into a few situations where the ISP has been changed, or a piece of ISP equipment has been changed, and loss of remote or device access has been a problem.  We try to ask our customers to coordinate with us when things are going to change.  This helps eliminate some to the issues that arise when switching an ISP.  Most ISPs are willing to make these changes for you, but if you are unaware what is needed, they may be as well.

If you are thinking about changing your ISP, or communications equipment, give the CCS Retail Systems Support Department a call.  You can email us to setup a conference call or review meeting with the tech on-site.  This facilitates determining the proper configuration for the new equipment and testing it before the the service tech leaves.

-Bryan alt

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