CP SQL – Multi-Site Processing and Bandwidth Issues

CP SQL – Multi-Site Processing and Bandwidth Issues

A computers’ CPU processing speed and physical RAM are just part of  what should be looked at when designing a system to be used for Multi-Site replication.  One should also be looking at the corporate server,  remote stores servers, the  network router capabilities, and your licensed bandwidth.

Both your Internet circuits upload and download capabilities are equally important.  When  the amount of data and number of stores increase, you could actually overload your circuits,  causing the  entire system to bog down.  This can be likened to attempts by one to pour too much water into funnel at once… only just so much can physically go through it at one time.

Most consumers are far more interested in download speeds rather than upload speeds.  However, since Multi-Site polling is both Satellite initiated and bi-directional, having the fastest upload and download speed that you can get for you business needs is critical.  This issue is especially important as the amount of data being transmitted increases, such as when you add more stores.

Not only should your Internet bandwidth capabilities be addressed upfront, but they should be reviewed on a regular basis for needed upgrades.  Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for a review of your existing systems.

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