Using Images and videos in CP SQL

Using Images and videos in CP SQL

CP SQL supports the use of images in all of the following areas:

  • Customers – Pictures, and video files of individuals, locations or directions.

  • Items – Pictures, and video files of items and people using the items.

  • Touch-code Buttons – Images that can be attached to Touch Screen buttons.  This requires some assistance in understanding how the image will be used, and techniques to properly size the images.

  • Customer Display Devices – Depending on your equipment,  a display monitor can be used to display user-defined screen information that can include customer and item information as well as targeted advertisements.  This could include associated items,. specials, or other related information. 

  • Sound Files – User-defined sound files can be assigned for specific task such as an alarm sound when a cash drawer is left open for longer than a specified period of time. 

Please call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department  for assistance with setting-up the your images and videos.

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