Using Ticket Number for Referencing

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that with each new support services call we receive, a ticket is created that has a ticket number associated with it.  You may ask for this number and use it to access your technician quickly, if return calls are needed. Using this number helps you to avoid explaining the issue again on a subsequent call.

When the support issue is resolved, the ticket is closed and the number will not be used again.  Therefore, if you call for support at a later date, even if it is for a similar issue, a new ticket and number will be assigned.  Referencing an old ticket number for a new support issue may cause delays.  It may be helpful as a historical reference overall.  It is best to just ask for a new ticket and then perhaps mention this seems like a repeat of previous problems when the technician starts the call for you.

Our goal is to provide timely and efficient resolution to any support issues you may have.  For more information about using ticket numbers to reference work in progress, or any other questions about our support services, please call 425-672-4806 or email us.

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