CPSQL 8.3.9 – Scrapping Items During POS Returns

CPSQL 8.3.9 – Scrapping Items During POS Returns

Previously, when a customer returned an item that was broken, defective, or otherwise could not be resold, you were required to enter and post an inventory adjustment to "scrap" the item.
In this version, you do not have to manually process inventory adjustments to remove scrapped items from inventory. Instead, you can scrap an item while you are entering a Return in Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry. You specify a valid Scrap reason code for a return line. When you post a ticket with a Scrap reason code, CounterPoint automatically creates and posts the necessary inventory adjustment transaction to remove the scrapped item from inventory and makes the appropriate accounting distributions.

This new feature is ideally used in situations were you know for a fact that you will be unable  to expect any recourse from your vendor (i.e in an RTV cannot be used).  Examples of this could be special purchases that you made  that are non-returnable,  an Item that is out of warranty (but you took it back to satiate the customer), the vendor or manufacturer is no longer in business.

If you have more questions about this feature, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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