CPSQL 8.3.9 Gift Registries

CPSQL 8.3.9 Gift Registries

Gift registries will be supported in this version of CounterPoint SQL (Enterprise only). You can create and manage gift registries for your customers, allowing them to request and purchase gifts for occasions such
as weddings, baby showers, and so forth. This feature enables you to offer a valuable and commonly-used service to your customers while driving traffic to your store.

Use the "Manage Gift Registries" window to define and maintain gift registries. In the registries you can:

  • Specify up to two registrants for each gift registry, one of whom must have a customer record on file. Each registry must also be associated with a specific, user-defined Occasion Code (e.g., WEDDING, BABY, BIRTHDAY, and so forth).

  • Specify the date of the occasion, the city and state in which the occasion will take place, and the shipping address to which gifts purchased from the registry can be sent.

  • You can make each gift  registry available to online customers in your CPOnline store. Online store gift registry support is currently scheduled for a future release of CPOnline.You can add items to a gift registry by entering them manually or by importing them from a handheld scanner. The latter method allows registrants to scan the items they are requesting, as opposed to filling out a printed form.

  • Print a copy of the registry for the registrant(s) to take home when it is complete.  When a customer comes into your store to purchase a gift from a registry, you can print a copy of the registry for the customer to reference while shopping. This report indicates how many of each item were requested, how many have been purchased, and each item’s unit price. A customer can purchase items from different gift registries on the same ticket, along with items that are not from a gift registry. If an item the customer is purchasing isn’t on the registry, you can even add it to the registry as a "surprise" gift.


When you complete a ticket that includes one or more gift registry items, the corresponding registry is updated automatically. This ensures that subsequent gift registry reports are up-to-date and reduces the likelihood of duplicate purchases.

Note: You must purchase and register the Gift Registry Option in order to use this feature.  Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department for pricing on this options.

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