Customer Service Myths

According to John Goodman, contributing writer for Retail Customer, there are five myths that most retailers believe that are costing them sales, employee turnover, and reduction of the impact of marketing dollars.

Myth #1 – If complaints and returns are going down, the company is doing well.
Fact:  Dissatisfaction may be there, but customers may not be complaining because they think it won’t do any good.

Myth #2 – Price is the most important factor to expand share and profitability.
Fact:  You are able to deliver extra value, charge a higher price, and raise your profits with great service!  Only one-third of customers consider price to be the primary driver for product selection.

Myth #3 – Getting the front-line to follow and enforce store policies is the key to great service.
Fact:  Only twenty to thirty percent of dissatisfaction is from front-line staff failures.  The top causes of dissatisfaction are out of stocks, getting help in finding/selecting items, and long check-out lines.

Myth #4 – Many customers are crooks, so you need a rigid return policy which requires receipts.
Fact:  Ninety-eight percent of customers are honest.  When objectionable requirements are placed on a transaction, customers think you’re trying to avoid filling their needs and become disgruntled.

Myth #5 – Customers understand and accept out of stocks and discontinued items, so it’s O.K.
Fact:  When advertised items are out of stock, customers are deeply bothered and are fifteen percent less likely to return or recommend your company.

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