Mini-ITX PC’s

Industry analysts predict Mini-ITX will approach 25% of overall desktop sales in 2010.

Mini-ITX takes up less space, runs quietly and efficiently, and all previous configuration barriers have been removed. In the beginning, Mini-ITX meant that you paid a premium for systems that were limited to entry-level processors. That’s no longer the case.

Mini-ITX desktops are available in a range of platforms – from the low cost Atom-based Thin Client to the highly configurable that supports Core 2 Quad processors. Best of all, they’ve reached price parity with their ATX counter-parts.

See our Hardware Pages to Configure Your Own Mini-ITX systems and expedite your orders,

If you have questions about replacing your current system with a "mini", contact CCS Retail Systems at 800-672-4806 or send us an email. We can answer all the questions you may have.

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