CP SQL – Combining Gift Certificates and Store Credits.

CP SQL – Combining Gift Certificates and Store Credits.

Issue:  A company wants to use the Gift Certificate function in CP SQL, they also want to use the same cards for Store Credits. Since the Point of Sale payment tender choices for these functions are normally separate, this creates confusion at checkout time.  The clerks are always asking…  "Is this a Gift Card or a Store Credit?"

Solution:  Change the CP SQL configuration to create Gift Certificates as Store Credits, and create combined Pay Codes for redemption purposes.

What are the advantages configuring CP SQL this way?

  • Faster Checkouts – Only (1) one redemption pay code is required at tender regardless of whether it’s a Gift Certificate or a Store Credit.
  • Reduced Confusion – The clerks don’t have to determine whether it’s a Store Credit or a Gift Certificate in advance. They just need to use one pay code and scan the card.  No confusion, and faster checkouts.
  • Lower Costs For Cards  – Combining Gift Certificates and Store Credits on one card reduces your costs for the cards, especially since you can now purchase more cards in bulk.
  • Simplified Maintenance – Since Gift Certificates and Store Credit documents are maintained in one area, maintenance on the cards (adjusting amounts or merging) is easier.  This cuts down on wasted time and energy.

 If you would like more information on how to do this, or have questions about the ramifications of this type of change, please contact  the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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