Label Printing In CounterPoint

One great feature included with CounterPoint Version 7 and CPSQL is printing labels directly from the software.  Although the results are basically the same in both versions, the actual setup is much different.

In CPSQL, the printer is setup similar to other Windows printers using specially designed drivers provided by Nicelabel.  There are many predefined label formats that work with the most common brands of label printers.  If you want to change a predefined label in CPSQL yourself, you must purchase a registered version of Nicelabel Pro.  At CCS we already have the tools. You can avoid the software expense and the learning curve by having CCS Support work with you to get the desired result.

Once you have your printer setup and the label format configured for your printer type, it is as simple as going into the label function, and setting the parameters.  Then picking your item number or item range, how many labels you want, and pressing the print button.

The label printer setup in CounterPoint Version 7 is a little different than in CPSQL. Firstly because of the way CounterPoint Version 7 works.  It sends raw data and control codes to the specified port. Since the interface is raw, you usually do not need to install a driver for the printer.  For this reason I would recommend NOT using USB type label printers. In a pinch they could be used but I have seen unreliable results using them.  This is not as much of an issue with CPSQL, because the driver does all the formatting.

As with CPSQL, CounterPoint Version 7 has predefined labels for many printers brands. They may need to be modified to add information like fields, or your company name.  For this, you need to know what printer language your label printer understands.  For example Cognitive Label printers use “CPL” (Cognitive Printer Language), and Zebra/Eltron printers use either “ZPL” or “EPL” depending on the make/model of the printer.  As in CPSQL, setup your label format, and printer in the software. Then use your label function to produce professional looking labels for your shelves, items, and customer mailers.

Getting Help
In conclusion, printing labels through CounterPoint software saves time, money and resources. You can avoid using 3rd party software or services and typing everything you want to appear on a label.  It is important to know that there is some configuration that is needed before trying to print labels from your CounterPoint software.  You should seek some direction before buying a label printer, hooking it up, and hoping for the best.

CCS Retail Systems has extensive knowledge designing labels in CPSQL and Version 7.  We have worked with most brands of printers.  We can help you get the end results you need.  To get help setting up your label printer, creating a new label format, or just some advise on the types of printers compatible with CounterPoint, send me an email or call the CCS Support Department at 800-672-4806

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