Wireless network security

Wireless networking is becoming more common, with virtually all new laptop computers and PDAs having a wireless network ability pre-installed.  Many homes and businesses have wireless access points, for these computers to connect to.

This brings up another major security issue:  If you’re wireless access points are not configured to use security, then anyone with a wireless computer (laptop, PDA, etc.) can access your network.  In order to make installation easier, the makers of wireless access points almost never turn on the security features.  If you install these, and leave them as the come out of the box, you have created an open door that anyone can get in through.

A very popular pastime these days, is called "War Driving".  This is where people drive around with a wireless remote computer, PDA, etc., looking for unsecured wireless networks.  If you have an unsecured wireless network, the chances are that you are listed on the Internet, as an open network.

At the very least, default passwords (if they even exist, many do not have any passwords) should be changed, and encryption turned on.  There is much more that can be done to secure wireless access, up to the point of specifying exactly what remote devices can have access by their MAC Addresses.  If you would like help with securing your wireless network, please call or email us.


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