Speeding Up Check Outs at the Point of Sale

Are you finding that during peak hours, slow check outs at your business are slowing down your sales?  New technology can solve the problem for you.  In an article entitled, "6 Tips to Speed Up Check Outs at the Point of Sale", Jeff Haefner presents the following solutions:

1.  Use good bar-code scanners – They’re much faster and more accurate than typing SKU numbers on a keyboard.  They can reduce pricing and inventory errors. If an omni-directional scanner is used. they can scan the bar-code regardless of position of the label .

2.  Use new technology to speed up your credit card authorizations – Using credit card processing integrated into your point of sale software with a broadband Internet connection can process in as little as two seconds!

3.  Use touch screens – Touching a screen with your finger controls the mouse cursor and saves time.  Touch screens can even eliminate the mouse and keyboard. entirely

4.  Use a mouse-less POS and set up hot keys – A POS System that utilizes hot keys allows you to use the keyboard rather than a mouse to do most things.

5.  Use "easy to load" receipt printers – Struggling to replace a paper roll when customers are waiting is counter-productive.

6.  Choose reliable hardware and software – Using the cheapest keyboards, printers, scanners, computers and software may ultimately cause much frustration.  Both customers and employees have to wait for problems to be fixed.

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