CounterPoint – Automating End of Day Processing

Some of you long term CounterPoint V 7.5.X and CP SQL users may not be aware that some CounterPoint End of Day processes can be run in an automated fashion, at a specific time. 

Examples of this type of functionality are:

In  CounterPoint Version 7.5.X

Point of Sale – Automatically Posting ALL Point of Sale activity for Stores, Registers and Drawers, with the Journal Reports printing to either a specified printer or printing to disk.

In CounterPoint SQL 8.3.6 or higher

Point of Sale – Automatically settling ALL Credit Card and Debit Card activity.

Point of Sale – Automatically posting ALL Point of Sale activity.

In both of the above examples, the ticket date is used as the posting date.  This insures that the Sales History is updated correctly.

In CP SQL, if there is a email account set-up on the server doing the posting, CP SQL can send a status email to notify a designated person of the success or failure of settlement or posting attempts. This can be critical if you have a staff that frequently neglects to do these procedures. 

In a recent example, we had a situation where a customers staff had neglected to post sales for several days, over a busy period, and their Credit Card transactions had not been settled for several weeks.

For more information on this topic, please contact the CCS Retail System Systems Support Department.

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