CCS: A Total Business Solution

We have a new customer that is starting a new business. The business will start out online, and then will transition to a brick & mortar retail store in a few months.

The new customer chose to take advantage of the services offered by CCS and Radiant Systems. They will be utilizing CounterPoint SQL to manage their inventory both online and in their land-based store. The E-Commerce website will be designed by Radiant Systems, and hosted by CP Online. Once setup, the customer will be able to manage the site through their Point of Sale software, CounterPoint SQL.

Very key to them was that the E-Commerce system is fully integrated into the CounterPoint POS software.  When they are ready to open the physical stores, they will already have all the systems in place to immediately start operating the checkouts and back-office.   Other systems reviewed did not have this critical capability. 

This business owner had a number of options, but says they ultimately chose CCS Retail Systems due to the value of the services we offered, and the quality of information and service they received during the sales process. Whether you are the owner of an existing business or a new start-up company, you can depend on CCS to exceed your expectations and help you manage your costs, and increase sales.

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