Are you managing your vendors, or are your vendors managing you?

The average retailer says there are two types of vendors. Those that are even smaller than the retail stores they supply, and those that are much larger. The smaller vendors tend to be largely under-financed and unorganized. They also seem to have little understanding of customer service, and are always making excuses of why they can’t meet your needs. The larger vendors have spent a lot of time and money building their brand, and tell the retailers how they need to operate.

It does not have to be this way! There are features within CounterPoint SQL that will allow you to monitor and manage your vendor relationships. These vendor relationships shouldn’t’t be measured purely in gross profit percentage or dollars. The key factor of your profitability is gross profit return on inventory investment.

Ask yourself these questions about your vendors and the products they supply:

  • What type of inventory investment must you sustain?
  • Do they reliably ship on time?
  • What is their average lead time?
  • Do they frequently mis-ship?
  • How consistent is their quality?

Reports within CounterPoint SQL can answer these questions quickly and frequently. It’s difficult to calculate how much you can save through more efficient vendor management. Even if you estimate it to be as little as 5% of your annual sales, this feature alone is enough to provide a return on investment on the purchase of your system well within your first year. Call us at 800-672-4806 or Email CCS Sales today to look at the potential return from the other features of CounterPoint!



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