The importance of Windows security updates

If your computer is not set-up to automatically download and install Windows Critical updates, it is  important to manually check Microsoft’s "Windows Update" (or "Microsoft Update") for these updates on a regular basis.  Failure to do this could result in any or all of the following situations being present:

  • Your system security could be vulnerable to such things as common viruses, Trojan Horse viruses, and Malware known to exploit operating system and application security holes found over time.  
  • Resulting Virus and Malware infections could damage and severely corrupt your operating system and applications.  This could result in loss of your data, your time, and result in the added expense to repair the damage.
  • Result in Incompatibility issues with new software technology coming on line.  This might involve things such as your web browser not working with recently update websites, missing updates to browser plug-ins that enhance your browser, or failure of new versions of application software to function properly.

If  you are unsure of whether your system is properly protected now, or if you have questions about service pack compatibility with other programs that you are running, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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