System security

System security is very important to your business.  There are many different aspects to securing or "hardening" a system.  Everyone is aware of computer viruses these days, the importance of having anti-virus software, and the importance of keeping software current.

There are other aspects of a secure system, however.  Keeping the operating system current with the latest patches is of prime importance, too.  Physical security is something that is often overlooked.  Your system can be secure against outside threats, and be compromised from the inside.  This usually happens when someone plugs an infected USB drive, CD-ROM disk, etc., into one of your computers. If your Windows computer is set to the default settings, it then automatically runs files from the infected media, and your computer has been compromised.  The infection may then spread to other computers on your network.

Prohibiting your employees from bringing in their own media is the first step in minimizing internal infections.  If you do not have a policy memo on file for this I suggest you create one and circulate it, There are other steps that should be taken to reduce the risk of infection, if outside media is introduced.  Let us know if you want us to do a security evaluation, and security tuning, on your network.

Dave, CCS Technical Support

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