CounterPoint Upgrades

As you know the CCS Support Department is here to help you any way we can, when it comes to computer hardware or software problems.  We also understand that sometimes you will feel inclined to take on some of these tasks yourself or have your in-house or local IT person take care of this for you.

When it comes to upgrading CounterPoint we recommend that you call us for help, or at least make sure someone is available to assist you in case a problem arises.  Since many upgrades/updates are done in off hours, you don’t want to be without a system when the doors open the next day.

We recommend you wait anywhere between 30-60 days BEFORE installing the latest release. As with any software supplier, a service pack is best left to get some customer feedback before adopting it. You are familiar with this in the service packs you get from Microsoft.  This way any flaws can be worked out and fixed first.   Before starting an upgrade on your own, there are some things you should do to prepare:

  • Read the entire upgrade guide provided on the CD-ROM –  There are often Pre and Post Upgrade routines the must be performed.  If you have questions, DO NOT go ahead before clarifying the procedure.
  • Make sure your server and workstations meet at least the minimum system requirements recommended for Hardware and Software.
  • Be sure you have the latest Service Pack for the version you are upgrading to downloaded and ready.  Check that the downloaded file(s) are OK.  Use a checksum, file size or whatever is provided as a verification.  If they are zipped, unzip them to make sure this succeeds.
  • Make a full system backup BEFORE starting.
  • Make sure you have the new registration key for the version you are upgrading to.  If a new key is needed, failing to do this will make the procedure incomplete, and the software may be unusable.
  • Make sure ALL users are not using any part of the software while the upgrade is taking place.
  • Write down EVERYTHING you do in chronological order.  You can then check against the instructions, determine why something did not work, be able to ask for help, and document the changes for your ongoing records and in-house user memo summaries.
  • You don’t want management to wonder what was accomplished, or the users to discover it by accident.  Make this information known in the right manner, with the right tone. Don’t scare them that the computer changed, inform them that we have some new features.  Ask them to tell you if they have any questions or concerns. THIS IS CRITICAL.  Problems are sometimes just misunderstandings.  Do NOT cause a panic by skipping this step.

Not having or knowing 1 or more of these tips can make the upgrade process a disaster.  If you do not know how to find your registration or need help downloading the Service Pack, please give CCS Retail Systems a call at 800-672-4806 or email me at

Remember that we have after-hours and weekend support options.  These need to be scheduled in advance. Call us in enough time to be available for you.

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