How CounterPoint Enables You to Track & Market to Customers

Customer Tracking is an integral part of CounterPoint SQL. The software retains complete details of every customer, including detailed sales history.

With the Receivables Option, you can charge sales, track accounts receivable, credit limits, account aging, cash receipts processing, and statement printing. A customer may be set up within the Customers portion of the software, or “on-the-fly” in Point of Sale. Basic customer information includes name, address, email, two contact names, fax numbers, and phone numbers.

A customer may be assigned to a specific category that you define. This allows you to group similar customers for reporting and analysis, loyalty programs, and discounts. Customer Profiles allow you to build a valuable database of information to assist in analyzing and marketing to your customers.

Up to 20 user-defined profile fields may be tracked for each customer, such as birthday, preferences, membership status, etc. Use this information to target market customers based on their buying habits, geographical location, birthdays and anniversaries, or even their favorite colors or items.

CounterPoint SQL allows you to reward loyal customers with points that can be earned and redeemed in a manner that you define. This means customers can earn points for all items they purchase or just for certain items. The number of points can vary based on the item number, category, vendor, etc. as well as sales info (date, store, day of the week, time of day, etc.).

So Customer Tracking is just one way that CounterPoint SQL offers a return on investment for you and your business.

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