Is Your PC Overheating?

PC Blue Screens or Acts Strangely when it Overheats

I have seen a lot of strange things when it comes to supporting/troubleshooting computer problems.

I have received calls from customers saying “I was writing an email, then all of the sudden my computer screen went blue with some cryptic message”.  Or calls saying “It  seem to be running slower even though I scan for malware/viruses everyday and it says I have no infections.”

Depending on the message (you should write this down with as much information as possible) and when it happened, this could be just a simple fix.

To get you back up and going all that may be needed is a clean out of the inside of your PC.  When a PC is brought in to the shop at CCS Retail Systems, the first thing that is done, before anything else, is to remove the side cover and blow out all the “dust bunnies”.  I have seen PC’s come into the shop (and some on-site) that have so much dust built up inside that the cooling fans can not do their job. This causes heat to build up inside of the case.  Poorly cooled components can cause random problems that may seem more catastrophic then they really are. Remember heat and computers do not play well together.

If you are not familiar with the insides of a PC, please consider calling CCS Retail Systems,  We can come to your site and do this for you, or you can drop off your PC at our shop.

If you are going to clean your PC yourself, please use the appropriate tools like the “canned air” you can buy at many office supply stores.  Do not try to use a vacuum cleaner or your air compressor in your garage (i have seen this done with a bad effect).  This can cause damage to your computers electrical parts. Its not a good feeling to hear something bouncing down the vacuum hose and realize “I wish I had not done that”. Yell

ALWAYS power your computer down and unplug the power cord before opening the side cover.  Components can be damaged if disturbed with power applied.  Turning the system off is not enough, pull the plug from the wall as well.

Cool computing is best.


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