Why Can’t I Call a Technician Directly?

“When I have a support issue, why can’t I just contact the technician directly and avoid speaking with someone on the support staff?” you may wonder.  Perhaps I can clarify this for you.

Our technicians provide assistance by telephone, by modem, in the shop, on site, and in the classroom. They are often tied up for a while!  An individual technician is not always instantly available, because of this, to respond to your call or email.  Contacting them directly is often counter-productive. 

Our support staff keeps track of the pending issues and knows who is available to help you in the most timely manner.  This prevents needless and time-consuming interruptions for technicians who are working on an issue that may require intense concentration.

Our goal at CCS is to provide the best support in the most efficient way!  If you have a question, I’ll be happy to find the answer for you.

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